Learn How to Use Facebook for Your Business or Online Articles

Everyone is looking for ways to market their online content (articles, blog posts, websites, etc). With increased marketing comes increased online traffic and readership which leads to increased income! In this article will learn how to use Facebook for your business or online articles. This article will also teach you how to market your online content to thousands of Facebook users for FREE.

Here’s How to do it

  • Set up a Facebook Account. Many people already use Facebook tFacebook bannero connect with friends, family, co-workers, and strangers. Why not also take advantage of this tool to market your busniss or articles online? 
  • Determine what you want to market. I get paid for writing for Infobarrel (you can too, click here to sign up!). One of the ways that I market my Infobarrel articles is through Facebook.
  • Match your article (blog post, website, whatever) content to an established group or page in Facebook.
  • For example, I wrote an article on with my favorite guacamole recipe. Next, I logged in to Facebook, searched “guacamole” and found a “Guacamole Fan Page” with 10,408 fans! I clicked “like” so that I could post to the pages wall. Then, shared the link to may article and wrote “try this easy guacamole recipe with a great tip for removing the seed”. How else can you share your content with a target audience of over ten thousand people for free?
  • Here is another example, I wrote this article on gardening with kids. Then I shared it on the Facebook “gardening” page with 7,078 people.
  • This strategy is a great way to share your website or articles on Facebook to get more traffic. I have definitely seen a difference in the number of views my online articles get.

Benefits to using this Strategy

  • You are marketing to a target audience. When I shared my how to hard boil fresh eggs article with the “backyard chickens” page on Facebook, I was sharing very specific information with an audience that was targeted to want that information. Facebook and its users do the work for you of organizing people into their interests. It is easy for you to search and match your content up with those target groups. Targeted audiences are much more likely to read, share, and use your content, not to mention click on your ads.
  • Easy sharing. Facebook makes it very easy to share articles. GuacamoleThink of what would happen if 10% of the 10 thousand people I shared my guacamole recipe with re-shared it on their Facebook page. If your content is good, it could easily go viral.
  • No Cost. Did I mention that it is totally free to use this article marketing technique?
  • Quick. You can easily search and share on a Facebook page with a large number of members in less than a minute. There are often several relevant pages so, share each article more than once.
  • The same strategy works for marketing niche websites to a specific audience.
  • You can find a Facebook page for any topic that you write about or blog about.

Happy sharing and enjoy your increased readers! Please let me know in the comments below if this online marketing with social media strategy worked for you or if you have another tip to add.

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