Endowing your exterior space with that same feel and character that you have created for you interior space is not that hard even if you're not possessed of much of a green thumb apart from the plants and greenery which of course from the backbone of most garden spaces it's the decorative accessories that are chosen that make your personal statement just as it is inside the home. Shopping for quality garden decor items can sometimes be a little hard even with the vast resources of the internet. Although it's a much better alternative to the variety available shopping at your local garden center or Wal-Mart where every gardener in your neighborhood has no option but to return home with the same plants and same pieces of garden decor as his next door neighbor no wonder gardeners are turning to theme gardening to help put their own particular brand or signature on their own little patch of green.
The theme you choose for your garden should somehow reflect you and your interests or passions the theme and garden decor that you choose should be meaningful to you on some level researching plants for your growing zone and theme and the whole design process of creating the foundation plantings for your garden will be more enjoyable if the result is a something that really speaks to you. For example, if you are a model train buff, you might want to incorporate an outdoor track for your hobby's use low growing plants that can serve as a miniature backdrop for trains build a garden stream where there is a real necessity to construct a trestle bridge miniature items of garden decor would aid greatly in bringing this theme to life. Lady gardeners who are members of the Red Hat Society could plant flowers in their group's signatuGarden decor custom made lanternsre colors of red and purple could choose garden decor pieces only in white which would be displayed greatly against a back drop of red or purple. Or perhaps you are interested in witch craft or the occult you could borrow plants mentioned in the Harry Potter books wouldn't it be fun to plant a magical garden of plants and cast your own spells there are many pieces of garden decor that would suit that theme.
On most occasions with the use of the internet it's easy to locate unusual plants or seeds that will grow in your planting zone and fit with your theme it's not quite so easy finding tasteful pieces of garden decor that will fit your chosen theme often you will come across the same pieces sold by a variety of garden decor outlets and discount garden decor websites and of course just like purchasing from your local garden center it makes it hard to feel unique when you know they are being sold by the thousand but there are few good websites and blogs that will point you in the direction of more unique and original decor pieces they have already done the keyboard surfing for you and located items that personally appeal to them all you have to do is find a site whose author bears similar tastes to your own .