Garlic is used by many gardeners as a safe and effective pesticide. Keep in mind that garlic repels (and sometimes kills) bugs indiscriminately. The application of garlic solutions to your garden could eliminate helpful bugs as well as harmful ones.

Garlic Powder

This is the most basic method if you want to use garlic as a pesticide. Simply sprinkle powdered garlic throughout the garden, making sure to apply it near the base of plants. If there are specific areas where insects are damaging your plants, only sprinkle the garlic in those areas. It is not necessary to 'water in' the powdered garlic since it's effects on insects are topical.

It may seem overly simple but many gardeners have found success doing this.

Garlic and Hot Pepper Solution

There are a number of slight variations to this recipe but they are all similarly effective. Liquefy 2 garlic cloves and 2 hot peppers (jalapenos, habaneros, cayenne, etc.) in a blender filled halfway with water. Strain out any solids and add the remaining solution to one gallon of water. Periodically, use 1/4 cup of this solution to one gallon of water and spray over your garden.

Garlic and Tephrosia


If you really want to go the extra mile and grow all of your own insecticide, I suggest you begin growing garlic and tephrosia.

Tephrosia is a leafy, flowering plant that many consider to be a weed. These plants often have a varied concentration of rotenone which has been used as a pesticide for years. You can make a recipe similar to the one above to help repel and kill insects.

Liquefy 3 garlic cloves with a handful of tephrosia leaves (60 or so) in a blender filled halfway with water, strain and add to a gallon of water.

Companion Planting Garlic

If you do not prefer to manually treat your garden or lawn you can plant gralic within your garden to help deter harmful insects from damaging your plants.

Don't Forget

Garlic is harmful to all garden insects. In order to avoid killing off the beneficial bugs as well, follow these two rules.

  1. Use garlic periodically. Try only using these solutions once a month or once every two weeks at the most.
  2. Apply only to affected areas. Only use these solutions on or near plants that appear to have been damaged by insects.

Keeping a healthy garden is no easy task. Be sure to seek out natural pest control alternatives to avoid adding harmful chemicals to the soil. And certainly, good luck in using garlic as a pesticide to protect your garden.