Article marketing is a great way to build back links and even earn extra cash just by sitting at home. If you are looking to earn extra money from home, using Google keyword tools is one of the most important ways to begin. Google Keyword tools helps in finding the most relevant and niche keywords that are not only relevant to your industry, but also help use those keywords for your paid advertising campaign. Thus, the importance of this tool is very important and cannot be left aside. It is not just applicable for SEO or organic marketing; they are also mostly useful for pay per click and Google Ad words.

What is a Keyword?

Choosing the correct keywords is the path to success, especially if you want to earn money online. Thus, you can imagine the importance of the Google's free product.  A keyword is defined as the word that someone who types it into the search engine for finding the exact results. The goal is to find the keywords that are highly searched with lower competition. There is no point making blogs and articles, if they do not have the most helpful and most relevant words that are key to getting people to them.

Google keyword tool is important in finding the strategy for your business. They fulfill both the needs of competition and buyers in the industry. Using the Google's tool  is easy. Once you have access to their site, go to the tools page and enter the URL in the search box. Apart from that you could also type in various phrases or different keywords into the search box.

When you hit enter, it shows a bunch of other words and phrases that will have a particular amount of volume and searches worldwide and locally. Search and choose according to the needs of your business. You could also perform a data sort in order to separate results you want.

There are other settings in Google Ad words that you can work on that helps you to systematically sort and choose data. The search locality is one such setting within the Google Ad words that will help you to find keywords if you are looking to promote within a particular country.

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Know your keyword search types.

Know which keywords will work where and how they can match to your industry and your business. There are 3 different types of keyword matches. They are broad, exact and phrase matches.

Broad matches show more than one and a broader variety of words. They could be singular and plural. A phrase match on the other hand is more target oriented and shows keyword phrases rather than broad matches. Exact match shows keywords that are exactly related in that order and does not have any other terms. A Google keyword tool is a great tool and is a free keyword research tool yet.


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Advertising using Google Keyword Tools.

When working on Pay per Click campaigns, you can use Google as well. They are known to be most effective in finding many phrases for your pay per click campaigns. Since pay per click involves money, choosing the optimal keyword is important and you should have the most appropriate tools in stock for your business.

Choosing the corrrect keyword by using the this product to target visitors with your landing page is something that could immensely help your business grow and help you generate more revenue and return on investment.

Choosing the right Affiliate Product and Description.

Choosing the most valuable keywords also helps in marketing articles for affiliate marketing. This is were you can make some really good money.  We discuss that next.

When you already have an affiliate website that you want to advertise on the web or promote it, having the more appropriate keywords is important. When you have the correct ones, you can include them in various articles, blogs, lenses and press releases. Once the articles and press releases are ready with the optimal word or phrases embedded in them, they can be placed anywhere or in any directory. You can use the well prepared content to use them as link wheels. You connect one article directory with another article directory. This not only helps bring the most attuned audience, but also a lot more traffic.

Driving Traffic.

search for moneyCredit: At the end of the day, finding the most valuable keywords is much more important to building a stronger business. Keywords are the pillars of success for SEO and PPC. They are also used in many other marketing platforms and techniques including affiliate marketing and article marketing. Having the correct strategy will not only help bring in the direct traffic who will be interested in your products, services or your whatever you are trying to promote or sell out there, it will also help in earning a lot more revenue through online marketing means.

A Google keyword tool is also helpful in learning who your competitors are and act accordingly to build your marketing strategy. This can be important in learning where the possible future of your industry is heading. 


Building your website around these key phrases is one of the most important things if you want to survive the business. Know which ones you want to target. Get a domain name around it. Use title tags and description tags around them. Use them in the pages of your websites. Use them in your sales and your squeeze page of your website.

Once you have the right pool of words and phrases, get ready to build a website around them. Google keyword tool plays an important role in such a place. You can find bulk of them that can help target the most valued visitors and sell the most valuable products for you.

Using Google keywords tools can also help you with your SEO. When your are SEO'ing a website, choosing the right ones including checking for them with the exact amount of volume and low competition is the correct thing to do. Once you perform analysis, you would know which ones to have and the most appropriate usage of them all throughout your site. Take time to finding the exact amount of keywords and the exact phrases for your business.

Google Keyword tool is one the most well known keyword research tool out there that is much needed for your business or any other online business. If you are looking to find paid tools apart from Google keyword tool, make sure you learn to use this first. That is the most basic research tool that you could begin with.  The best part is it is free.

Take care of yourself and those around you.  Make today and everyday a great day.