Technological advances make finding employment easier than ever. Job seekers are shifting from the newspaper help wanted classifieds to internet job banks. Libraries across the country are setting up career centers and special information services for job seekers. Numerous specialized web sites exist that have databases for job openings in a particular career field. Of course, state and national governments also have recruiting information online. Searching for a new job is full-time work, even using the internet.

Companies have taken the cue and many now require online applications. As people become more computer and internet savvy, the competition for limited job openings will increase. Yet there are tools available to stay ahead of the herd. One of these is Google Reader.

Google Reader is like a supercharged RSS feed. It is popular for aggregating news and blog posts into one spot. But this Web 2.0 technologycan be used to your advantage for staying on top of employment announcements.

Advantages of Google Reader

Know about available jobs as soon as they are posted.

Some positions are only open for a short amount of time and are filled quickly. Other opportunities may have strict application deadlines, such as government openings. Many of the best announcements are for positions that take a long time to fill and these may get lost in cyberspace as time pass. A potential applicant may miss the announcement. Using Google Reader will assure that you won't miss so many chances.

Saves Time

You can save time and follow the old mantra, "work smarter, not harder." Instead of keeping track of many separate websites, everything that you choose is fed to your feed.

Helps you stay organized

Everything stays in one place. Posts can be tagged with a subject, for easy retrieval of all related posts. Those of most interest can be starred for taking action. Posts that have been read are marked.

Allows sharing

Contact lists can be set up with groups of people that you'd like to share marked items with. Or, a direct email can be sent to whoever you choose. This is not only great for job seekers, but for career counselors as well.

How it Works

I am searching for a Library position. Normally, I'd use my bookmarked resources that I have collected using But now that I know about Google Reader, I can cut out the "middlemen."

To add a website, select "Add a subscription"

Add a ubscription

A box will appear below that says, "Enter a search term to find feeds or paste a feed url." I type in the web address url:

Google Reader Interface

The jobs from this site are listed and will be updated when the site is updated. The site has been added to my subscriptions feed at the left. I can manage my existing subscriptions from here.

You can do these with any website that does not require secure entry by signing into an account. By adding several resources, I have all the latest opening right in front of me when I have coffee in the morning.

Google has many other tools that can be employed to make your job search more efficient and effective. Have fun and check them out! The internet is free for the exploration and discovery of tools that make our lives easier.