Green Tea-The Right Way

One of the most popular supplements for weight loss is Green Tea. It has good reason; it has been around for centuries and is proven to help with metabolic rates throughout the entire body. What a lot of people don't know is one of the key ingredients in the Green Tea is the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) that is contained in the actual extract. There is a LOT of products out there that have Green Tea in them. Now, the problem is that there is such an infantile amount in the product that you are not getting a lot of the herbal benefit that you may think. In this article we'll talk about the EGCG and the best places to get your Green Tea on!!!

Most Green Tea capsules are between 250-500 mg and come in soft gel form. In these pills, I highly recommend that they contain at least 40% EGCG. I would recommend taking in around 1500-2000 mg of Green Tea per day along with three to four liters of water. Why water? The EGCG is also an excellent anti-oxidant so when you complement that with water, it will help your overall natural metabolism, along with your overall natural health.

Two of the most common forms of the Green Tea is the extract and the complex. I would definitely recommend the Green Tea Extract over the Green Tea Complex. The reason being is that the extract will be easier to break down in your system over the complex. If you are completely sold on the complex, than please look into a digestive enzyme or a probiotic. These two supplements will assist in breaking down the complex and getting the full effect of the product.

The Green Tea product itself won't produce a caffeinated based energy, but it may give you some natural energy. There is a large amount of Energy Drinks that have Green Tea. Although they may not have an overwhelming amount, they have Green Tea nonetheless. If you are looking for alternative energy, you may want to try a Vitamin B supplement.

Like I mentioned before, there are multiple ways to digest Green Tea. The easiest and most effective way would be to do a liquid extract of Green Tea, but a liquid gel cap is also an excellent way to get the supplement into your system.

Overall, if you do not want to do a supplement that have a lot of chemical combinations, than I would definitely recommend Green Tea to help you with your weight loss goals.

Green Tea has been around for hundreds of years. This supplement is very supportive of any weight loss goals.