Do you think it is smart or cheap to use grocery coupons?

When I read Better Groceries for Less Cash - 101 tested and proven ways to save on food by Randall Putala. I notice that she spends a few pages telling us that using grocery coupons is a smart way of saving money.

She even mentions the example of Oprah Winfrey to show how the rich and famous use grocery coupons.

It is ironical that we see ourselves as smart when we can get the lowest price for our house, yet when it comes to the matter of grocery shopping, we feel ashamed to use grocery coupons.

Are you one of those who think that using grocery coupons is cheap?

If being cheap means a saving of ten dollars per week, would you like to save money and earn the reputation of being cheap?

At ten dollars per week, you would have $520 per year in savings. If you do not take in the interest earned on $520 yearly saving, you would still have $5,200 after ten years.

If you consider the earned interest or dividend from investing the $5,200, you would have far more money.

That is why being cheap is beneficial in this case. After all, you save money. You are richer than those who pay full price by $5,200.

Money speaks louder than words in this case. When you have more money than your friends and neighbors, they will respect you. They will think you are better than them.

Most people who collect grocery coupons and use them wisely do not just save ten dollars per week. They are likely to save closer to two thousand dollars per year.

The truth is that we need to do grocery shopping every week for the rest of our lives.

The only time when you can quit grocery shopping is the time you depart from this world. That is why learning to use grocery coupons wisely is a skill to benefit you for life.

Better Groceries for Less Cash - 101 tested and proven ways to save on food by Randall Putala is not just a how-to book.

It goes deeper than the usual way of telling you to use grocery coupons, buy in bulk and other practical advice.

It forces you to examine your shopping habit, and determine the kind of shopper you are.

It forces you to formulate strategy for grocery shopping. You have to learn that grocery shopping is no difference from the business strategies.

After all, the manufacturers and management of the grocery stores spend hours formulating strategies to force you to part with your hard earned money.

You need to formulate strategies to counteract against their bad influences.

If you never think of grocery shopping as a battle, you need to change your thinking. You need to realize that you are warring against the smart tertiary educated marketers and shrewd business persons.

Reading Better Groceries for Less Cash - 101 tested and proven ways to save on food by Randall Putala will change your mindset. You can become a smarter shopper.

You will learn about the wise use of grocery coupons. You will learn that using grocery coupons is part of the overall strategy to save money and shop wisely.