If maximized, HEB coupons can save serious money at the grocery store. Many of the HEB coupons are for free items. These are legitimate manufacturer coupons that are only valid at HEB grocery stores. Below are some tips to get the most savings out of HEB coupons.
Get current HEB sales fliers.
If there is an HEB within a few miles of you then you probably receive their flier each week in the mail. There are usually valuable HEB coupons in each circular. Or, view the savings online at HEB.com. There is a weekly flier which runs Wednesday through Tuesday. And there is also a monthly sales flier which usually runs from the first day until the end of the month. The monthly flier doesn't usually contain HEB coupons but it tells about savings that are available with in-store HEB coupons.
Plan ahead.
Do not go to the store until you have planned which HEB coupons you will use with which deals. Look through the sales fliers and see what items are on sale that you usually purchase. If you are not particular about brand names then you will save even more money when you use HEB coupons. Make a grocery list based on the sales listed in the circulars.
Use HEB coupons in conjunction with internet and Sunday paper coupons.
It is important to clarify here. HEB coupons are manufacturer coupons that are only valid at HEB stores. So you cannot combine HEB coupons with any other manufacturer coupon on the same item. However, you may be able to use several coupons on a Combo Loco or Meal Deal.
Here's an example. Say HEB has a Meal Deal where if you purchase a certain brand of frozen pizza and a bag of salad then you can use HEB coupons to get free Parmesan cheese and a free box of brownies. You're already getting two free items with this deal. And if you have a coupon for that brand of frozen pizza and a coupon for that particular bag of salad then you will save even more money.
Shop when you have ample time to match up the HEB coupons with the correct items.
Carefully compare size and flavors to make sure that the groceries you are purchasing are valid with the HEB coupons you have.
It does take some time to effectively use HEB coupons; but, it can be worth it.