If you have any silver antiques or flatware in your home, you already understand that keeping them in top condition is essential to good care and the maintenance of their value. Did you know that Hagerty silver polish can be used on virtually all precious metals, and not just silver? You can use this special metal polish to cleanse and protect sterling silver object, gold items and even sterling coated antiques. The dual action of Hagerty silver polish makes it ideal for cleaning and removing present layers of tarnish while also preventing any future build up of contaminants and tarnishing materials. Whether you are preparing your set of silver or gold antiques before attempting to sell them, or you're simply taking care of your collection of precious metal goods, you can be confident in this special silver polish to remove current blemishes and protect the surfaces of your items in the future. Click the image to learn more about this special polish. 

Hagerty silver polish

Using Hagerty Silver Polish to Clean and Protect Your Precious Metal Goods

It is a simple and quick process to clean your precious metal goods using Hagerty silver polish.

First, inspect your antique or silverware to determine where the tarnish deposits are located.

Second, using a soft cloth to wipe away all loose debris from the precious metal object you are going to clean, so as to prevent scratching during the cleaning process.

Thirdly, apply a generous portion of Hagerty silver polish to the surface of your precious metal antique. 

Next, apply a generous amount of the silver polish to your object's surface, especially where tarnish has accumulated. Allow your object to sit undisturbed for several minutes so that the chemical reaction that cleans your precious metals can take place. Once the polish has dried, you can either gently rinse your antique or buff it clear with a soft cloth. 

Some sterling silver objects, such as those that are fitted with cork or other delicate materials, should be buffed clear instead of rinsed. 

Now your precious metal antiques will be cleaned of tarnish as well as encased within a protective layer that will prevent future build-up. 

Why Use Hagerty Silver Polish? 

Although there are several types of silver polish available on the market, there are a few advantages to using this particular brand. For one thing, it is quite reasonably priced, at roughly $10 for a 12oz bottle that will last you for some time while you are cleaning and maintaining your precious metal keepsakes, metal watches, trays and flatware. 

Secondy, this particular brand of silver polish contains a special compound known as R-22, a preventative polishing compound. R-22 is responsible for leaving behind a protective layer that the company claims will protect your precious metal items for up to 10 times longer than comparable products. 

Finally, as you can see above, it's a quick and easy process to clean up your precious metal gold and silver antiques and protect them into the future. This powerful silver polish can free you up to move onto new projects, since the compounds inside actually bond to the surface of your silver keepsakes, providing a superior layer of protection. 

By keeping on top of a regular maintenance schedule for your valuable silver antiques and keepsakes, you are helping to preserve their value for yourself, potential buyers, and the future generations that will inherit the objects.