I have been successful in losing weight with the help of a few supplements and herbs, so I'm going to provide here a list of what I think have been helpful and make a few suggestions that could save you a lot of money.

When you study herbs there is a great deal of information that you come across that is anecdotal and not supported by any research. This doesn't prove that they don't work, but it does make it difficult to get an objective feel for who, what, where, and when the use of herbs would be beneficial. Thankfully more and more information is making its way onto the web, making it a lot easier to make informed decisions.

This means that you should do some research and decide what you want to try. Don't rely exclusively on what people tell you, me included. You'll find that some herbs work well, and others don't seem to have any effect. Our bodies are all slightly different and we have different genetic strengths and weaknesses. What works for me may not work for you, and vice-versa.

When your serious about losing weight remember that your health is the important thing. While being the proper weight is important, it's not THE most important thing. What we should be seeking is improved health and well being. Health is a lifelong effort. Weight loss is not just a sprint to an arbitrary finish line. Think long term.

Step One:
If you haven't been to a doctor for a while, get a physical and ask for a thyroid test. Low thyroid can cause all sorts of serious problems that make weight loss extremely difficult. I have had low thyroid for most of my life, and without treatment I gain weight, lose energy, my mind becomes sluggish, and depression sets in. The medication is really cheap, but you need testing to be sure that you have the proper dose. Dosage can change from time to time, so stay on top of this. It's important!

There are also important considerations like your liver health, diabetes, and other blood sugar problems. Make sure you're not fighting other issues that need to be considered as part of your weight loss program.

Step Two:
If you have an android smart phone, get a free application called "Walkroid". If you can walk, you can use this to keep track of how far you walk each day. Your goal is to build yourself up to 2 Miles per day. Start slow and walk for shorter distances. Gradually increase the length you are walking until a 2 mile walk is comfortable. If you're way out of shape this could take a couple weeks or more to walk that far. Take your time. If you feel like you might be getting sore, stop. Make a note of how far you walked, and try to go a little farther the next day. Do this at least 3-4 days a week, every day is best.

Pedometers are available for less than $2, all the way up to $50. A cheap one will most likely work well enough, so you don't have to buy a smart phone unless you want to.

After you get to 2 miles you can start timing your self and try to complete your two miles quicker. But you need to excersize daily. That's a key element of the diet. I like to take the same path every time. Since I always take the same path I am not focused on where to go or how far. I just walk until my route is completed, keeping my mind focused on other things.

Do this is you are taking the following supplements and herbs, listed in the order of their importance:
1 - 1000mg krill oil capsule.
1 - Astaxanthin 50mg
1 - Aloe Vera 25mg inner leaf gel capsule 200:1 concentrate
1 - Vitamin D3 5,000iu
1 - Alpha Lipoic Acid capsule (or R-Lipoic Acid) 100mg
1 - B-complex vitamin
1 - Vitamin B-12 5000mcg
1 - cinnamon bark capu

Herbs: (Shop around, over 3.50/bottle is too high, i.e. Swanson Vitamins)
1 - Cinnamon bark capsule
2 - Garcinia cambogia
2 - Siberian Ginseng Eleuthero Root

Krill Oil      
    Improves brain function
    Improves heart and cardiovascular health
    Helps control inflammation
    Reduces cholesterol
    Helps reduce high blood pressure
    Helps lower triglycerides and Apo proteins (Diabetes precursors)
    A better source for Omega3s than other sources, more easy to absorb for those with elevated insulin levels
    Reduces wrinkles
    Reduces chronic inflammation like you see with arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis, strokes, ulcers, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, cancer, diabetes and more. (Not a cure)
    Can improve eye health
    Reduces joint soreness
    Increase strength and stamina
    Boosts immune system
    Helps prevent heart attacks
    Helps improve gum health
    Normalizes blood pressure
Aloe Vera
    Improves sense of well being
    Lowers blood glucose levels
    Includes twelve natural substances that reduce inflammation, side effect free
    Improves energy and helps to build a healthy body weight
Vitamin D3    
    Benefits your mood and your mind, improves cognitive performance
    Maintains bone health
    Reduces back pain
    Enhances the immune system

R-Lipoic Acid
    Increases lifespan of mice, should work for us
    Improves glucose metabolism
    Improves neurological health

    Helps in converting food to energy
    Good for the heart
    Elevates mood
    Helps in building red blood cells, reduces anemia    
Vitamin B-12
    B-12 helps metabolise fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
    Deficiency can cause weakness and fatigue, and keep you from being active.

With careful buying, all the above supplements together should cost less than $50.00/month. When you look around you will find other things that you may want to add. These are what I'm using right now, and they seem to be working.

I've lost about 35 pounds and I have more to go, but I'm feeling much better. The weight is coming off and people are noticing without me saying anything. I'm succeeding!

I think it'll work for you too.

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