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Using hydrogen peroxide to treat pimples

Acne Treatment Cream EffectiveHydrogen peroxide puts oxygen into the skin. Once peroxide is put onto the acne-prone areas of the face, it reduces down to water then the oxygen is released, meaning that bacteria can no longer grow on the skin and create zits.

The water also helps drain clogged pores to stop blackheads from forming. A 3% concentration of peroxide is strong enough to treat acne with, it is not a good idea to use a stronger concentration as it can result in the skin becoming bleached or experiencing a burning feeling.

Before using peroxide, make sure the area you are applying it to is clean and dry. First start off by carefully washing your hands with warm water. Use a milder soap to get rid of any surface dirt and oil or bacteria that can be found on your skin. Mix some salt with hot water in the sink and splash it onto your face a few times to open the pores. Hold a warm facecloth against problem areas for at least thirty seconds. Reheat the cloth and reapply at least a couple more times before treatment.Hydrogen Peroxide Acne Treatment Does Work

Many people do not think of peroxide when it comes to treating acne. Other acne solutions can be painful and expensive but a large container of peroxide is inexpensive and easy to obtain. A hydrogen peroxide acne treatment does work just as well as more expensive spa procedures.


• Select a cleanser to wash your face with. Apply to your skin to remove and excess oil, makeup or dirt that is on your face. Peroxide helps with acne but is not a replacement for your regular cleaning routine. Cleanse with a mild, moisturising formula because the peroxide may dry your skin and can even react adversely to a strong soap.


• Use peroxide on your skin two times a day. There are a couple of different ways to apply the hydrogeAcne Treatment For Womenn peroxide, one way is to use a Q-tip to dab it onto the areas affected by acne.

• Alternatively, you can dip a cotton ball into the peroxide and use it to swab over your face in order to treat acne that is there and also prevent more from coming up in the future. Only do this if you have breakouts all over your face because the hydrogen peroxide does have a drying effect and can make normal skin appear blotchy.

No matter the method that you use to put on the peroxide, always avoid any contact with your eyes and the area surrounding them. This sensitive skin can become irritated if it comes in contact with the peroxide. Another area to avoid is any part of the body with hair n it as the peroxide will bleach the follicles.

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• Peroxide kills acne by drying it out but any other skin the peroxide touches will also become drie
r. Once the peroxide has been applied, follow up with an intensive moisturizing product all over your face. This is an important step in your skin care routine in order to counter any dryness that the peroxide has caused so while the acne is being treated your skin still looks smooth and radiant.