How many times do we look at a business opportunity and think "gee!, I would love to buy and run that business". Maybe you have found a business for sale and wish you could own and operate it. The problem for many of us is we have poor credit and no money. Our only way of purchasing a business is to pay cash or at least have 1/2 the cost down for a possible owner carry deal. Here is one solution to raising the money you need. InfoBarrel!

LamborghiniAt your job you make so much per hour. When you are not at work you do not make any money. InfoBarrel does not limit the amount of money you make and if you quit writing articles for InfoBarrel you will still continue to earn residual income off of the articles you have already wrote and published.

In order to earn enough money off of InfoBarrel to buy a business you need to write and I mean write a lot. Lets assume you want to earn enough money in 24 months to pay cash for a business. Writing 1-2 articles a day will not get you there. You need to write and write a lot. You need to write more then you ever thought possible.

Ann Rule, the famous true crime writer, writes a lot. On her official website it says that "She writes almost every day from 11 am. to 9 pm.". With a writing schedule like that she has consistently had many of her books on the New York Times Bestseller list. What if you spent 10 hours day writing articles for InfoBarrel?

Massage For You InfoBarrel WritersLets assume that you average 2 articles an hour. We are writing a lot here. You would have 20 articles a day wrote and published to your InfoBarrel folio. If you wrote for 10 hours every day like Anne Rule and you averaged two articles an hour then at the end of two years you would have 14,600 articles. Lets assume that you are earning $8.00 CPM on your InfoBarrel articles. If each of your articles averages 5 page views day then you would be getting some massive page views. At the end of two years of hardcore writing your wife may of left you but do not worry as she will be coming back when she sees what you are earning.

If each of your articles averages only 5 page views a day and you have 14,600 articles then you would be receiving 73,000 page views each day. At $8.00 CPM you would be earning $584.00 each and every day. Each year you would earn $213,160.

That's some serious dough but you need to do some serious writing to build up your InfoBarrel folio to 14,600 articles.

Can you write 20 articles day for the next two years? Some people may but for most of us20 articles every day is not possible. We have jobs, families, and other items to attend too. Even if we had the time it is hard to stay focused for 10 hours day everyday for two years. He numbers above though show what is possible with InfoBarrel if we keep writing articles. The more articles we add the more money we can earn.

One of these days we may see an Anne Rule style writer come to InfoBarrel and pump out massive numbers of articles everyday for an extended period of time. If an author like that comes along people will see the potential of InfoBarrel. If we have a writer on InfoBarrel that is making hundreds of dollars each day with his or her InfoBarrel articles then it will motivate the rest of us to write a lot more.

Anybody want to step up there game and write 20 articles day for the next two years?

At the end of two years of writing 20 articles a day you would be able to buy a traditional business that interests you. Of course if you are making $500.00 a day on InfoBarrel you may choose to go on a cruise around the world instead. Why not, you would of earned it. Image Credits: (Flickr/dave 7)WanHoff)