Kontera Blurb Advertisment

Using Kontera to monetize your website or blog in today's world of income seeking webmasters and blog writers has become common practice.

A solid advertising company with in line text ads that are automatically inserted throughout your content. These ads are based on relevant keywords to the advertisers customers. The clicks on the in line ads generate an income for the content owner.

Google offers a similar program but it can be much harder to get approved for. Some sites will be turned down for one reason or another. Kontera answers the quest to monetize our text. Ads can be optimized to fit within the page and they will automatically change when your content does. The software employed by this company serves non intrusive inline contextual advertisements without you lifting a finger.

Reporting is daily and they have an easy to use dashboard to keep track of earnings. Signing up takes only a few minutes and ads can be served to your site right away.

Clicks are recorded when their received and all you have to do is keep the content flowing on the site. The more you post on your blog, the more places for Kontera links to appear.

They are now also offering an affiliate program where users can refer other members to sign up for an account. If you get a new user to sign up you receive ten percent of their earnings for the next one year. This could be a nice chunk of change if you happen to get an ambitious referral. Taking the time to promote your affiliate link can produce significant extra income.

Payment can be received with a minimum payout of $50.00. This is easy to make as clicks can range from a few cents, to a dollar or more. This company is an up and coming member of this industry. A good addition to the earning potential of any blog or website.

Another good feature of Kontera are the payout methods they employ. A check will be issued once you reach payout of $50.00 or you can be paid with a PayPal account.

This can be very convenient for those who use that service. PayPal also offers a debit card so you could withdraw your Kontera earnings the day they go in.

In line text ads can be modified in style and color to match what you've built. They can fit in with the content on the page and still get the users attention. A few clicks a day on Kontera links can in some cases, pay for the whole website.

In the end whether or not to employ Kontera ads on your site shouldn't be the question. Every minute you wait could be costing you lost revenue. Take the five minutes to sign up and set up your account and start earning today.

Save the link to your report page on your desktop as you'll probably end up checking your income every day. As time goes by, hopefully the numbers start to add up and convert this basic program into significant on line income.

Using Kontera to monetize your website or blog is a smart move. Why pay hosting fees when this will automatically pay them for you?

We're all after a piece of the proverbial pie that is Internet income. Making sure you get your piece should include the use of this program. What's to lose? It's free and takes five minutes to set up.