You can use light wood furniture in every room in your home and it really has a lot of advantages. It's great for smaller space because it won't overpower the room. It also works well in those rooms where you need a lot of furniture in one space such as a bedroom. You might need a dresser, bed, nightstands and even an armoire for a TV or extra storage. In this case you really want to keep things light and airy just so it doesn't really overtake your room or make it feel smaller.

You can make this kind of color work with all different kinds of design styles. The lines are really what are going to dictate the overall presence of the piece and make it special. That's why it's important to just pay attention to the kind of furniture that you already have and either match it or compliment it in some way.

Another option would be to really give this a designer feeling. In this case you'll want to go with very interesting designs so that the furniture still gets a very specific style point across. This means that even lighter colors can be interesting. In a lot of design magazines you'll see chairs or end tables that have a rope detail on them. The entire chair could be made from woven rope. Of course you could make this work with a specific design style such as nautical. However, this could be a little bit predictable. You could just be one of these tables to really add a little bit of character. It will blend in well next to a basic tan canvas color sofa. It's a way to get a unique look in your home while still bringing very natural wood tones.

Another designer style that you can easily replicate is that of a sawhorse or drafting table. This could cost thousands of dollars or you could just replicate your own. This could be very masculine in feeling and can really add character to an office or even an eating area. The same thing goes for a farmhouse style if you like that substantial feeling that will still be very durable around kids.

Light wood finishes are always popular. However, a different kind of finish is always fashionable. A few years ago the stain almost had a yellow or gold undertone. A few years before that pickled wood were all the rage. Now it seems to have a weathered or gray finish on it. It's important to get the current color so you don't buy furniture that is already dated.

You can also just use this to solve problems. You might have more dated cabinets in your room. however, hardwood is expensive to replace and you might want to just focus in on easier updates then priming and painting which means that you can basically say goodbye to your natural wood for a long time unless you really have a lot of persistence. You could bring in more up to date furniture in the same wood tone to really add an update without doing any of that hard work. Instead you could just bring int he latest trendy item like a bar top kitchen table. This is a lot higher and more modern then the basic kitchen table but the natural wood tones ensure that it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

Another designer look that you can really replicate is the painted finish. Several high end designers have finished various furniture pieces made to replicate crates. They usually have a number or year painted on them. You could try to replicate this yourself just by using black paint. Of course you'll want to use a very bold font and really sand it down so it looks very sophisticated. This kind of style is really very bold so just use it on one piece. Plus, since it is trendy it can also become dated quickly so you want to make sure that all of your furniture doesn't go out of style at the first time. This could also be a very fun idea for a kids' room. You could bring in numbers in different colors. You could also paint the entire piece of furniture one color and leave the numbers in a natural wood tone. This allows you to get your own personal take on high end furniture without spending all of the money.

When you think of this kind of furniture you might envision oak. The great thing about this kind of wood is that it can feel very substantial. At the same time, it really gives you a lot of bang for your buck. However, you might also think that it's dated, overpowering or just too masculine. When you go with the lightest version available or just a natural tone it really combats all of this. It can even replicate the blonde kind of material that was so popular in the Old Hollywood days. In this case look for very simple lines but add glamour with an orange mirror. This will keep it from becoming too modern.

You can also choose paint colors to really change up the look of your existing furniture. You can just make your own color palette that can also incorporate the wood tones. You could paint the walls a gray, blue or green. Then tie in the furniture with your artwork. A lot of artwork whether it's traditional or contemporary will have a very basic taupe or white tone to it. Of course, it wont have the wood grain to it but it helps you coordinate an entire color scheme to make your old furniture look new again.

This is also a great solution if you have kids. They usually have the same kind of furniture throughout their lives. It will last them through all of the other fads around. You'll really need to talk to them about decorating so that you can talk them through all of the basic woes of wanting to throw everything out whenever they want a new look.