Mashbite is a revenue sharing bookmarking site that allows you to create do-follow links to your articles or favorite webpage, you can also publish blogs that earn unlimited revenues via Google Adsense program. Here is how to set yourself  to these great benefits offered by

First you need an account over at mashbite in order to start making money. Head over to homepege and click sign up from the link at the right top corner. Fill in all the required info including your adsense publisher ID (if you don't have one you can enter this later after you create a google adsense account). Click "Create new account" wait a few minuted and should have received a your confirmation link to confirm your email.

After you have confirmed your account (since you used a one-time login be sure to change your password). Head on to your my account page, click edit then "Revenue Settings" there you can enter your Google Adsense ID. If you don't have a google adsense ID there is great tutorial over at mashbite on how to set up a new google adsense account or you can use a tutorial offered by infobarrel they both work and you should be approved within hours or days depending on how occupied google is.

Now comes the easy part: Creating content that is good for the search engine. Click "Publish +" link then choose what content you want whether it is a bookmark or blog post. For this tutorial we are going to choose bookmark.

The title of your scoop becomes an anchored backlink to your article so pick a good title. Next you need to provide a few lines of text (50 characters minimum) describing the article you are linking too. Make the text unique and on topic. Use keywords that someone searching on Google or any other search engine would use. You can even use the Google keyword tool to find your keywords or just think about what someone is going to type to find information on the topic of the article you are linking to. Put that in the description.

Add Keywords in thetags box, seperated by commas. These keywords help  searchers find your scoop or blogs, they also determine which related articles show up.Mashbite  uses these keywords to show related scoops and blogs.

Next you will need to choose a general topic your article falls under. This helps find related blogs and scoops too. Related scoops or blogs provide a bunch of extra content to attract the search engines.

Hit the save button, rate up your scoops or blogs, sit back and watch as your scoops and blogs receive hits from search engines. (if you are new: your first 3 scoops or blogs will need to be approved by a moderator before you become eligible to publish without approval)

The benefit of using mashbite is to create backlinks back to your articles. Search engines bot use this links to crawl up your most hidden articles getting them to be indexed fast. People have been using this and the more links you have the better your website or articles will rank high on search engines.