Are you a non-believer of mind power who scoffed at the title of this article? If you are, there are millions who share your position. There is an entire population of people who have given up and given in to the fact that there is nothing better... "What you're dealt with is what you get."

There are millions of other people, however, who have decided to command something different.

"Command? Out of life? Command? Have you gone mad using such language? There is but One who commands that which will be delivered in life!"

Is that so? Again...There are vast groups of people all over the world who have unlocked the secrets to getting more out of life. While there is nothing that can prevent death, natural disasters, or other life's tragedies; there are proven techniques used by people everywhere that have a positive impact on the energy that controls your life.

If you are ready to step back and step out of your own way; you, too, can realize the prosperity that mind power can deliver. What most skeptics don't realize is that the use of mental force to will specific results out of life does not require more than a few tweaks of perception. What people fail to accept, as well, is that spinning our wheels as a reaction to life will get us no where.

Remaining chained to the circumstances around us is what leads many to believe that there is just nothing better. The reason nothing ever turns out the way you think it should is because you have gone farther and farther from your intended path, as you've been influenced by the people and tragedies around you. How often do you feel that something more profound just has to be around the corner? That is your intuitive self telling you that something is wrong.

What this all means is that you may not be able to just mentally envision a million dollars and make that come to fruition...Nobody can. Trying to 'create' earthly possessions with mental trickery is more like magic. Those who have discovered the power of allowing their mind to guide them through life are not in the practice of manipulating time, events or people for their good. The fact is that they are simply in a position to understand their intended role in life.

Power of your mind is enriched by listening. Meditation is widely associated with religion and various cultures. Meditation – in fact – has nothing to do with anything besides listening in quiet. "Listening to what?" You ask?

Listening to divinity, intuition, and understanding. If you have never experienced the benefit of regular meditation, this may seem a bit baffling. It is somewhat difficult to understand the knowledge that is bestowed upon you from complete silence if you have never experienced its awakening advantage. In time of concentrated silence, your mind becomes in tune with your soul. Its almost as if there has been a gateway open through which you can seek that which was meant for you to know.

The result is an amazing set of new opportunities in life being presented to you. By developing a deeper intuitive knowledge of your purpose, your mind power will begin to dictate the key elements of life to which you will be guided.