Radiators in the home are not just practical; they can also be very stylish. Sure they are perfect for helping the family keep arm in winter, they are great for drying clothes on when it’s raining outside, and they are just wonderful for keeping clean clothes warm to put on after a shower or bath. But have you ever considered that they could also be a stunning piece of artwork for the home? They can blend in with your décor and they can also add a little character which is great for those renovating a period home.

Plain White heating-units are Dead

Gone are the days of staid, boring radiators, unless of course a conventional heating-unit style fits in with your choice of décor. A quick search of the internet will show just how amazing some of the more modern radiators are. Some look just like pictures and sit flush against the wall, others look like sculptures that will truly be a talking point for any guests to your home.

You can now get radiators in a wide choice of colours and styles, bright ones ideal for children’s bedrooms and small ones suitable for a cloakroom toilet. Whatever your need, there is a heating-unit to suit.

Radiators as Art

That large flower metal artwork on your friend’s wall may not actually just be a piece of art; it could also be a really stylish radiator that helps to warm the room without taking up any floor space. heating-units can now also be made with images on them. How about using a radiator with an image of a fireplace on as your focal point, or a large piece of art with a cityscape scene?

Freestanding sculptures that can serve a double purpose can make any house a home. Modern homes can be masterpieces with the help of a few unusually styled radiators. Designer heating-units are not cheap, but they do give the home an added touch of luxury that just cannot be beaten.

Period Radiators

If you are renovating a period home then you may want to choose heating-units that are in keeping with the original features of the home. This can mean trawling around salvage yards and scrap merchants to find the right period piece you are looking for.

However, if you want your radiator to have a modern twist there are many reproduction heating-units on the market to choose from.  Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian radiators can all add an elegant touch to any home, but can be the perfect finished touch when renovating a period home that has still managed to retain many of its original features.  

Chrome Radiators

Chrome radiators became popular for bathrooms where they were used as towel warmers and contrast perfectly with modern dark-coloured tiles. Chrome radiators can also be used in modern and minimalistic homes in the main living areas. The great thing about these radiators is that they produce sufficient heat to warm a room but do not become so hot that it burns to touch them. This means they are safe for areas where young children may be playing or sleeping.

. . . . .

It is possible to change the look of your home simply by replacing your old radiator for something a little more stylish. Whether you are after sophisticated chic, classical lines or trendy sculptures modern radiators can make all the difference to your home.