Teas For Naturally Increasing Breast Milk Supply

Mother's Milk Tea - chances are that you've heard of this tea before. It is a very widely used method of boosting your milk supply and I found lots of reviews on this one - I took a random sampling of these reviews and read 76 of them. Out of these 76 - 70 users swear by this tea! Only 6 of these said it didn't work and 3 couldn't say for sure. This tea contains fenugreek, blessed thistle, anise, fennel and caraway. The chief complaint about Mother's Milk Tea was the taste. Because of the anise it contains, the tea tastes much like black licorice and can be a little bitter. To help with the bitterness, you can add lemon or honey to sweeten it up a bit. Other reviewers found this tea quite pleasant and even delicious!

Nursing Time Tea - this is a loose leaf tea that contains fennel, anise, goat's rue (claims to boost milk supply and aid with let-down), blessed thistle, alfalfa and lemon verbena. This tea gets high praise! Out of the 21 relevant reviews I found, 20 users swear by it and only 1 person couldn't tell for sure. There wasn't a single person that said it didn't work. This tea also claims to help with colic and gassiness and there were a few reviewers that highly recommend it for this purpose! Many people said that it has a more pleasant flavor than other nursing teas because of the lemon verbena.

Milk Maid Tea - I couldn't find a lot of information on this tea. Out of 5 reviews, 3 said it worked for them, 1 said it didn't and 1 person wasn't sure. Milk Maid Tea contains fenugreek, anise, caraway, nettle and raspberry leaf. With ingredients like that, I would think it's got a good chance of working, but I, personally, would probably go with one of the other teas that have a larger number of user reviews!

Yogi Woman's Nursing Support Herbal Tea - this tea looks like another winner to me. Out of 33 reviews that I read, 24 women said that they saw an increase in milk supply, 8 weren't for sure and only 1 mom said that it did not work for her. Yogi Woman's Nursing Support Herbal Tea contains chamomile, fennel, nettle, anise and fenugreek.

Breastea - this is a pretty hard to find tea, but it may just be worth it. Out of the 14 reviews I could find, they were all positive and the mom's who tried it said it worked better than any of the other teas or supplements they have tried. It claims to have a very mild taste, and since it doesn't contain anise, you won't find the black licorice flavor that all the other teas have. Breastea does contain Red Rooibos (a mild-flavored herbal tea), rosehips, lemongrass, fenugreek, nettle leaf, and alfalfa. As I am not a fan of black licorice, I just might have to give this a try because all of the users swear by it's mild and pleasant flavor, so it just might be good with a little honey! With this tea, each teabag makes 1 gallon of tea which you then refrigerate and sip on all day long so that you are not constantly brewing cup after cup!

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea - It is debated as to whether or not this tea actually works to boost breast milk supply. Even if it doesn't work for that, it is a good source of other Vitamins like, A, B-Complex, C and E. As well as containing calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium.

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