Using Niche Finder for Keyword Research

...why Niche Finder works for me

When I decided it was time to go beyond using Google’s free online keyword tool and invest in something with a little more grunt and functionality, I chose Niche Finder. Many other people will swear by this product or that product, and that’s fine, because it works for them. I considered other popular alternatives – like Market Samurai and the Keyword Academy, but they just weren’t for me. I didn’t go for Market samurai because I was honestly bamboozled by the array of information presented to me – and Keyword Academy, while it looked like good material, was too expensive for me on a month by month basis at that stage.

Why I chose Niche Finder

I chose Niche Finder because of the way it looks and the way it operates. The software is just perfect for someone who is not very advanced in their knowledge of keyword research but wants something a tool that they will be able to use well and without complication. Niche Finder has a slick but simple style – which displays awesome information in really easy to follow columns. Instead of presenting you with a mass of acronyms like other keyword research tools, Niche Finder only uses one – and that’s CPC which most people doing keyword research would be familiar with anyway.

My favourite element of Niche Finder though is the difficulty ratings scale that keywords are placed into. They are either easy, medium or hard – that is easy to rank highly for in search engines – or not. The information is presented that simply – but there also is a difficulty score column for more precise information which I use more often.

Niche Finder’s information is sortable

All the columns are sortable too – for example, if you want the results ordered from easiest to hardest difficulty, just click on the column heading and it is immediately sorted. The same applies to the CPC values. If you’re looking for the keyword with the highest CPC value then click on the heading and it’s there, at the top of the list. For more customization of Niche Finder’s search results, each column also has a capability to filter the keywords returned.

For example, once you have done a search on your keyword or key phrase and you are presented with numerous results (50 at most to prevent Google from getting annoyed with all the queries), you can customize them further. Let’s sayyou are looking for a keyword that is easy to rank for, but has a CPC value of more than $2 and global monthly searches over 1000 – no problem. Simply enter the filtering information in the column header and the information is immediately sorted.

For a quick, powerful yet simple to use keyword research tool, you will not be disappointed with Niche Finder. Developed by Brad Callen, who is behind other very successful research software tools, Niche Finder is exactly what I wanted in keyword research – it tells me profitable keywords,and also provides instant analysis of the competition, allowing me to make educated decisions around my writing choices. Enjoy!