Nutrition For Naturally Increasing Breast Milk Supply

Oatmeal - there are many nursing mothers that swear by oatmeal as a great way to boost milk production. I think this one is worth a try because out of the 20 testimonials I read on the subject, 18 women said that it worked for them, 2 said they couldn't tell whether or not it worked and there were none that said it didn't work. In addition to possibly increasing your milk supply, oatmeal is yummy - what more could you ask for? I like my oatmeal with a touch of brown sugar and some raisins but you can put all sorts of fruits and yogurts in it. The more un-processed oatmeal is going to provide more benefits, but if you're pressed for time, the plain instant stuff works too! You will also benefit from the flavored varieties, but they do contain lots of added sugar. You also can make this into cookies, bars and granolas for healthy, quick snacks!

Steel-cut Oats - As the name suggest, these oats are cut using 2-3 steel blades rather than just being rolled like traditional oats used in oatmeals. Steel-cut oats look more like a small grain of rice and are similar in texture. Many people prefer them to rolled oats because of their nutty flavor and chewiness. They are also known by the names of coarse-cut, pinhead and Irish oats. They take longer to cook than regular oats, but can be a great substitute and you can use them in any recipe that calls for oatmeal. Quaker makes steel-cut oats as well as some smaller comapnies.

Ginger - While I couldn't find any evidence of this actually working to increase milk flow, it claims to do just that as well as improve milk flow and aid with let-down. Ginger can compound the effects of certain medications, so please talk to your doctor before using this as a supplement, especially if you are on medications for diabetes, heart issues or are taking blood thinners.

Lactation Cookies - These seem like the tastiest way I could find to boost milk production!! Just Google "lactation cookies" and you will find some great recipes. They contain oats, flax seed meal and brewer's yeast which can all help with lactation and some even contain chocolate chips - who wouldn't like more chocolate??

In general, you want to make sure that you're getting good protein in your diet. Some really great and healthy sources of protein are yogurt, eggs and fish. If you like tuna fish, that can be a quick easy way to pack some protein into your diet. I make mine with a little bit of Light Miracle Whip and then onion salt and garlic powder to taste - I am now in constant demand to make my "special" tuna fish for everyone in the family! I don't like it on bread, so I've been known to eat it on saltines, chips, or pickles - yummy!

Another extremely important part of breast milk nutrition and production is to stay hydrated. I, personally, notice a huge difference in my milk production when I don't drink enough water and this is the fastest way for me to increase my supply. As long as I'm drinking at least 36 oz per day, I do pretty good, but if I can drink even more than that, all the better! 64 ounces is the recommended intake for water every day. If you're not a huge water drinker, then go with herbal teas, flavored water, sports drinks or anything else without a huge amount of sugar that is caffeine-free!

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