Well if most of you are like me, you probably have not made your first million with Info Barrel yet. This is a process that takes time and discipline. Adding 2-3 articles daily will soon get you to to a $100.00 a month income with Info Barrel. Planning ahead for upcoming holidays like Christmas can begin right now. Avoid the rush for cash and discipline yourself to begin a Christmas budget right now.


In the midst of working your full time job, contributing enough time to reach an initial $100.00 a month goal with Info Barrel is very worthwhile. Here is what I have decided to do with my info Barrel earnings this first year as I am working towards that initial $100.00 a month goal. It will be my Christmas budget. Think about it, just leave your earnings in your account until the holidays roll around again this year.


I have done the credit card thing for Christmas. You are usually paying for your Christmas until the following one or even longer. I have done the thing where you just skip some bills and use that money to buy Christmas. However the best and least stressful way to plan for the holidays is with a planned budget.


This first year with Info Barrel I am still learning a lot and my earnings will probably not be really high. However what money I do make I plan to leave in my account until the holidays roll around again. Info Barrel by itself may not bring me a grand Christmas, but I am doing some writing for Text-Broker as well.


Writing four or five hundred word articles for just three or four dollars, may not sound like much. However, if I average only eight dollars a night 5 nights a week then this is over $150.00 dollars a month. Once you get good you can knock out articles on text broker pretty fast. So a low average with text broker would bring me around $1,800.00 in a year.


Then add Info Barrel earnings to that and you all of a sudden have a pretty nice Christmas budget. There is not a whole lot of time involved. You can accomplish your goal of having a real nice Christmas budget with a commitment of 5-10 hours a week. If you have a busy week and don't write as much, then you can always write more in other weeks.


I think it is going to be really cool, not to mention a lot less stress to plan now to use my on-line writing for my Christmas budget. The time commitment you will make will be much less than the extra job you have to get if you use the credit card method or the skip some bills method. I recommend that you plan now to allow your extra on-line writing money pile up in your account for a year to be used as a Christmas budget.


The only reason why this would not be a good idea is if you do on-line writing for your full time job. However, for me the on-line writing is more of a passion and also a hobby. Even if I did do on-line writing as my full time job, I think I would still try and do a little extra writing for some of these companies like Text-Broker to plan ahead for my Christmas budget.


This year for the holidays I plan to avoid the stress. If any of you are like me then trying to come up with a bunch of money for Christmas just a few weeks before is pretty stressful. If there is something really special You want to do for Christmas like take the family on a cruise. Personally I think that a cruise on the new Disney Dream would be awesome. The new Disney Dream ship has the only hydro coaster ever built on a cruise ship.


I recommend that you start thinking about the holidays now. Think about some really cool gifts you have always wanted to buy. Or think about a really cool vacation you would like to take the family on during Christmas. Even in a rocky economy, on-line writing is still an excellent way to make a few extra dollars a day. Just a few A few extra dollars a day adds up to a few hundred dollars a month. A few hundred dollars a month adds up to a few thousand dollars at the end of the year.


Setting a materialistic goal is an excellent way to stay focused on consistent writing if you are a part-time or full time writer. I personally want to take my family on a cruise during Christmas. I want to go on the new Disney cruise ship. Setting sail in the wild blue yonder is a passion for me I love to cruise. I have posted a picture of the new Disney Dream ship with the only hydro coaster in the cruising industry directly above my computer.


When it is late at night and I have a choice of going on face book or reading mindless e-mail or surfing through waves of non-sense on the web; I simply look at that picture and make the choice to write another article for four or five dollars for Text Broker or add a couple more articles to my Info Barrel content. If you will start today utilizing your time wisely and don't get caught up in useless internet surfing, then you will be able to have a very nice Christmas budget, simply by writing a few articles for a few on-line writing resources.


I work with people in there homes everyday that have minimum wage jobs. They typically spend all of there free time either on face book or exchanging meaningless text messages everyday. These are the people that when Christmas rolls around, that we feel sorry for and some program ends up buying them Christmas. Many of these people I know are able to write fairly well. I try to educate them to do some on-line writing so they can have money when Christmas rolls around again. You may not get rich, however if you plan ahead and discipline your time to things that really matter, then you will be able to have a nice Christmas for your family utilizing no more than a few hours of writing every week. Believe me if I am able to make a few extra bucks each and every night doing on-line writing then this obtainable by lots of people. Well, I have to get going now my cruise photo is calling my name to hammer out a few more articles tonight.