Getting together with a group of friends and family to throw a baby shower can be a lot of fun. Asking each member of the group to bring several baby shower ideas and even pictures can get the festivities off to a quick start. Make sure to include those closest to the new Mom in the planning process so that you will be fully aware of her favorite colors, plans for the nursery and other likes and dislikes to create a personalized and special baby shower.

Selecting a date for the event is important and most showers are held one to two months prior to the expected delivery date. Involving several people who are close to the parents to be will be helpful in selecting a date that allows the majority of family and friends to be in attendance. It generally is best to avoid planning the event on a holiday, but if out-of-town guests are numerous, picking an off day during a holiday weekend may help these guests to attend.

Most baby showers are planned as a surprise for the Mom to be and this makes getting the invitation list a little trickier. Here again, having a small "planning committee" of friends and family makes this task far simpler. Make sure to get the invitations out approximately one month before the shower date. There are absolutely hundreds of baby shower ideas for invitations both online and in stores.

Ask several people to take part of the shower festivities and make use of their special skills. Those who love to cook can be in charge of the menu and food preparation. Those with a creative bent can be recruited as decorating divas and still others can take care of writing and sending out invitations. Dividing up the chores makes everyone feel included and reduces the stress level all around

Finally, don't forget to go online and search out baby shower ideas for fun and games. While many of us groan at the thought of shower games, the fact is that these are great ice-breakers when the guests may not know each other. Additionally, games can be used as a way to provide little party favors for the shower guests.