Cloud computing and online file storage

Using online file storage services

Many people have become familiar with the idea of cloud hosting and online file storage services but many people still have yet to come to grips with both the concept and the uses.

File storage lets you keep all your important documents at hand and keeps them safe - protecting your documents and files from viruses and computer faults.Online file storage providers host your documents and protect them for you but to learn more about them read on.

What are online file storage services?

Basically online file programs serve to back up all the valuable data you might have on your computer – work documents, pictures, videos, music – you name it. They work by simply copying parts of your computer online or by allowing you to select files and folders to upload. Your files are then stored on hard drives at the company’s office and hooked up to the internet so that you can access them wherever you are in the world and from any computer you like.

                In terms of practicality this has made online file storage services incredibly popular. For businesses they allow you to backup all your important files and allow employees to access them remotely. For the general populace they allow you to back up important files, photos and music – ensuring they are always with you and always safe.

                You might think that online file storage is unnecessary though; or that you simply can use CD’s and portable storage devices to protect your files. However, online storage has a number of advantages over traditional storage mediums – which we shall now explore.

                Firstly online storage is much safer than traditional online storage for a number of reasons. It doesn’t have the same chances of getting damaged and you losing your files – as USB’s CD’s and portable hard drives have a tendency to do. Online file storage also is more resilient to viruses and other malware whereas it is easy to spread an infection through your computer onto your external storage devices. Finally the online security that file storage sites offer mean that you know your details and your files will be kept secure.

                Secondly online file storage means that you can, as mentioned, access your files wherever you are from any computer. The sheer convenience of this when travelling for work, or when transferring documents between computers is fantastic and well worth considering. Whilst external data storage is easily portable online storage is even easier – meaning much less hassle in the way of

                Finally online file storage services also offer you the chance to organise your data efficiently and control everything from computer access to location access. These security measures in themselves mean you can share specific folders and documents with people whilst keeping others private. In addition you can organise your content to be as easily accessible as possible. This saves lots of time and energy when you’re accessing your documents and means you can get exactly what you want when you want it.

Compared to traditional storage devices online storage services have a number of advantages that we’ve examined. All that’s left for you to do is grab some online storage but if you want some helpful hints in this department we can offer some. Firstly check the security of the site to make sure your files are exceptionally safe and secondly check the amount of storage space you’ll need. Beyond that there’s not a lot you need to know. Have fun and welcome to the new online storage world.