Growing a garden is a great option for you and your family as you can have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables during the warm months for your family to enjoy.  Not only is eating from your own garden very rewarding, but it will help push your family into better health and a good lifestyle.  One big benefit of using organic fertilizer for your garden is that you don’t have to worry about pesticides in your food when you consume it.

A clean soil is the best soil that you can have to allow your plants to grow.  Even if you are using organic fertilizer, the soil of your garden may not be perfect.  The pH level may be too high or too low and it may not have the nutrients that it needs to grow strong and healthy plants.

Remember when you are fertilizing, even if it is organic fertilizer, to only use the recommended amount.  There is such a thing as over fertilizing and could be harmful to the plants you are trying to grow.  Read the back of the package to determine the soil to fertilizer ratio. 

You can add too many nutrients to your soil as well.  It is important not to overdo it.  There are soil test that you can get to determine if your soil is at a good level to properly grow food.  It is similar to giving humans too many vitamins, if you take too many multivitamins there is going to be a problem. 

For those who live in climates where it is hard to grow crops, using organic fertilizer for your garden can help.  It can help regulate the soil, depending on if the area is too dry or too damp and can improve the quality of the soil and how much water your garden is receiving. 

There are many different types of organic fertilizer.  The type of fertilizer you buy will depend on the type of soil you have.  There are several different types of soil and it is important to determine what type of soil you have first.  If your soil is really hard when it is dry out and really slippery with a layer of mud on the top when it is wet, you have clay soil.  If your soil feels gritty, like pieces of sand, you have sandy soil.  If it is powdery like dust, it is called silt soil.  The type of fertilizer you choose to bell will determine the results of your soil test.  You may want a fertilizer with more or less nutrients than another type.

Vegetables and fruits that come from organic gardens tend to be smaller in size, but you can be assure that your plants weren’t loaded with unnecessary hormones to make them oversized.  Some types of vegetables and fruits were never meant to be that big.

Using fertilizers with chemicals in them is no way to go and definitely is not as good for your family to consume.  Using organic fertilizer for your garden will benefit your family’s health and eating habits.  You can eat your healthy fruits and vegetables and know that you are giving your family the best.

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