Have you ever wanted to spruce up your garden but didn't know how you could do this? Why not spruce it up with outdoor garden fountains? These fountains can bring your garden to life. Think about it for a minute. You have the small trickle of water that flows into a pool of water that lies beneath the fountain, which gives your garden a serene touch. This can be at your home or at your place of business. Either way, it's bound to get people to notice.

Styles and Materials of Outdoor Garden Fountains

These outdoor garden fountains can be found in an array of styles. For instance, you can go with a wall garden fountain. This simply hooks to your wall, usually around the back deck or front porch. These fountains can accentuate the place it's been bought for.

Along with the styles of the outdoor garden fountains, there are a variety of materials they are made from. For instance, you can find them in fiberglass, marble, metal, stone and wood.

Just remember that the style and material of your garden fountain is going to be dependent on two things. These are: your taste and how your landscape is designed.

Using Garden Fountains That Are Eco-Friendly - Solar Powered Fountains

With the "Go Green" movement in full force, many people are looking to eco-friendly ways to use outdoor garden fountains. You don't have to hook and unhook your electric cord to make your fountain work. Nowadays, you can find solar powered outdoor garden fountains being sold on the market. The only drawback to these fountains is that they don't work near as well when the sun isn't out in the day. However, sunny days power it up and you'll see it working like it should. This is usually when you'll be in your garden anyway.

Now, your solar fountains will have a solar panel that will store the sun's energy, which will power the fountain motor so that it circulates the water. Since the sun is powering up the device and water is being circulated through it, you are not wasting electricity. You are not only environmentally friendly but imagine the savings you will see on your electric bill.

If you don't mind your electric bill all that much, you have other outdoor garden fountains styles you can choose from, which are not powered by the sun. These fountains will still circulate the water so you don't waste it and they still don't need access to a water supply to work. You will need to regularly check on the water level so you don't burn out your motor. Remember water will evaporate especially during the summer heat. After you've set up the outdoor garden fountain, there's not much else you have to do to maintain it.

You can find many outdoor garden fountains that are elaborate in their design. For example, you may find a wall fountain that looks like the Mediterranean arched wall. Its inner backing is where you find the flowing water tilting against blue and tan tiles. The fountain's center has a marble flower design where the water comes out. An arch of tan stones surround the center tile backing. Another arch surrounds the first arch and has multicolored stones in the pattern.