Panacur C is a simple and highly effective method of worming your pet. It is suitable for canines only though, so cat owners look away now...

What Does Panacur C Treat?

A wide range of intestinal parasites are controlled with use of Panacur C for dogs.

  • Large Roundworms
  • Tapeworms*
  • Whipworms
  • Hookworms

*This product does not protect against Dipylidium caninum, the tapeworm transmitted by fleas, so an effective canine flea control product should always be used regularly.

How Should Panacur C be Used?

Panacur C for dogs comes in granule form that should be mixed with food and given at mealtimes. Before use, you will need to check the weight of your dog. For every 10 pounds in weight your dog will need 1 gram of granules. To provide complete control of parasites the granules must be used on three consecutive days.

The easiest way to ensure your pet takes all their medicine is to mix the granules with a favorite treat such as peanut butter or a little soft cheese. If you are mixing thewormer with dry dog food be sure to add a little liquid to ensure the granules are combined thoroughly.

How Much Does Panacur C Cost for Your Dog?

This really does depend. Firstly the size of your dog is a critical factor as heavier dogs need more granules. To make the product more economical it is supplied in boxes of threesachets of either 1g (for dogs up to 10 pounds), 2g (for dogs up to 20 pounds) and 4g (for dogs up to 40 pounds). You may need to buy different sized packs to make up the correct quantity of worming granule for you dog. For example a 30 pound dog would need one 1gsachet and one 2g sachet each day for 3 days.

Where you buy your pet medications also has a big impact on the price you pay for Panacur C. Prices change all the time so it is always worth price checking but you should be able to find the 2g packs for under $4. In fact when we price checked in November 2009 we found the largest online pet med outletscharging anything up to at $9.99 even though we could pay only $3.20 from a very reputable online store. So it definitely pays to shop around! You can see more information about our Panacur C Price Comparison via the link.

The Importance of Worming Your Dog

Without regular treatment to control intestinal parasites dog can become infected with a wide number of these pests. They are easily passed between pets and some can also be passed to humans, particularly humans. While most dogs will cope very well with a small infestation there can be complications, particularly if the pet becomes incapacitated due to illness, age or pregnancy.

Spending a few dollars every three months is not too difficult, and giving Panacur C to your dog will ensure no future problems occur.