Our patios provide a place for us to take a breather from everyday life and enjoy the outdoors. Many types of accommodations exist for the patio which includes furniture, lighting, heating, and overhead protection in the form of gazebos or awnings. Most people leave out the lighting factor, reducing the quality of patio life at night. Adding light to your patio is relatively easy and can be done within a day if you are using solar powered fixtures. Many types of lights exist for the patio, including string lights, table lights and wall lights. Table lights are a favorite for many because they provide light where it is needed most.

On top of a patio table, many activities can take place, including dining, talking and reading. At night, these activities can still happen but only if there is a sufficient light source nearby. What better place to put a light than right on the table top? This is made possible when using table top lights. These small yet powerful light sources are appealing and functional. Lantern style lights have about four plastic or glass panes on the sides which can come in many colors. The LED bulb or candle inside filters through these panes to create dazzling color. Sometimes these panes have shapes inside which are cast as silhouettes onto the table. Solar varieties are easy to set up and require no cords. Solar patio lighting fixtures even cost about the same as conventional lights.

If you enjoy burning candles, a ceramic table light may be for you. Ceramic pots have a series of openings on the sides for the light to come out of. The shape of the openings determines what shape the light is when it comes out. Users can see the candle flickering inside of the small ceramic pot. The candle is placed inside from a door on the top or side. Candle lights do not provide a lot of functional light and are more for decoration.

Most small candles such as tea lights work quite well for this. Candle fixtures usually have a small depression inside which traps any fallen wax. Once dried, the wax can be chopped up using a butter knife and removed through the hole.