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If you like to use Photoshop and GIMP to make funny images then there are many websites out there where you can share your work. If you want to improve or even learn Photoshop so you can make your own funny Photoshopped images then you can check out a Funny Photoshopping social Network.

Benefits of using

There are many fun aspects of using a Photoshop Social Network.


Monthly contests will soon start up and include a variety of prizes. The contest will not start up until the membership base builds up. Once there are some active members there will be some Photoshopping contests. A Picture will be posted and then you can chop away. The top three winners will receive a prize including cash deposited into you

r PayPal account. You can visit the Photoshop Social Network.

Share Knowledge

Remember when you were new to using Photoshop and needed help? Now you can share your Photoshop Knowledge with newer Photoshop users to help them get better Photoshop skills. You can also learn new techniques and ideas from other Photoshop users.

Get Inspiration

Browse the many funny Photoshopped pictures and it will help give you ideas for your own Photoshopped pictures. You may see a picture and think "What if I did that but instead I put a Monkey driving the bus

with…." Let you mind daydream and then put it into action when you open up your Photoshop program.

Learn New Methods and techniques

By browsing the Photoshop videos, the funny and cool Photoshopped images, reading some of the Photoshop tutorials and participating in the forum then you can learn and develop new Photoshop techniques and methods. Expanding your skills in Photoshop is always an ongoing process regardless of your talent using Photoshop.

Get Photoshop related Graphic Jobs

If you need a banner or image manipulation done for your website or blog then you can post what you need. You may get someone that will help you out for free in exchange for a simple link back to their website or blog.

If you area blogger and want a Photoshopped image of a celebrity that is funny or weird then you can definitely get some help from this Photoshop Social Network.

Advertise Your Services

If you are looking to expand you business you can advertise for free your services. Do you specialize in banner creations or custom Word-Press themes? You can potentially find some new customers. You can use multiple formats to show off your graphic business. By posting images on you can show off your skills and if people need something that fits your style they can contact you. You can also start a blog and advertise your Photoshop graphics and what you can do for people who need picture help.

If someone posts in the forum that they need to buy the services of someone to say, create a unique logo for their business, then you can reply and tell them what you offer.

Find Photoshop Jobs

Besides potential users of that are looking to hire someone there will also be regular postings of jobs available to people who have the necessary Photoshop skills.

Photoshop Tutorials

There will be many Photoshop tutorials listed. There will be links to some of the best tutorials around as well as many Photoshop tutorials that are unique and designed solely for readers and members of the social network.

In addition to the many tutorials there will also be many videos of Photoshop tutorials. If you prefer you Photoshop tutorials in video mode then you will be able to find many of these on the

Get Your Ex-wife Photoshopped

The Photoshop users of the have one thing in common. We love to make funny images with Photoshop. If you have a high quality image of your ex-wife then post it up and we can make multiple funny images involving her. It only takes one good image of her photoshopped to go viral and then you can finally get your revenge on your ex-wife. We also do ex-husbands as well as political figures.


There are many blogs, websites, and tutorials that are based around Photoshop. is the new kid on the block but is unique in the fact we, as a whole, use Photoshop for fun. We love to make banners with Photoshop. We love to make funny images of Photoshop. We love to share our images we made with Photoshop. not only allows you to market your Photoshop skills but it is encouraged.

Photoshop is one of those must have programs for many companies now days. We like to make artistic pictures also but we revel when we make a funny Photoshopped image that goes viral. We may not make any money with it but now we can at least get credit for it.

How Can I Get Involved With the

You simply need to visit the social network and register. It is free to register and then you can begin sharing images, participate in the contests when they are available or simply surf the current images posted to get some inspiration that can help you to make some new funny Photoshopped images.

Get Paid To Use has a leader board that shows all of the top users and content for the month. Each month 50 percent of the revenue generated by will be paid out to the top 3 users each month. If you are one of the top three users you may only earn $1.00 or you may earn $10.00. As traffic to the site increases so will the monthly payout to the top three users.

Photoshop is Fun

Photoshop is fun and is a way to share your love of Photoshop with other people who also have the same passion for Photoshop that you do. Even if you are a complete newbie to Photoshop you can still get involved. There are many funny images and hopefully they will in spire you to add your own Photoshop creations.

Photoshop is a very versatile program. Using Photoshop will allow you to make funny images that will make people laugh.