Pinterest is getting popular more and more each day. You haven't heard of it yet? Allow me to get you caught up. Let me start my saying this. It is another thing to be addicted to, but, it's a good addiction. I tend to see others walk away happy and inspired with a new sense of creativity. 

Pinterest is the one stop shop for storing and sharing things you love and find on the internet. For example, I’m finding new recipes I can’t wait to try out. I'm learning more about do-it-yourself crafts than I knew existed. I have learned how to make dish soap, laundry soap, even shampoo. Though I haven't actually put these things into action yet, it has inspired me to get off my tush and get to it. 

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According to their description, "Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and share their favorite recipes."

Not only can you have your own pinboards, but when you see something you like, you repin it to your own board. Someone then repins the photo to their board, and so on. The potential for others to see your posts is growing higher each day. 

A friend of mine recently pulled out her sewing machine for the first time in years, after seeing a pair of corduroy jeans turned into a purse on a pinboard. (Don't tell anyone, but the purse is actually for me. I'm behind in the area of femininity, but she's catching me up.)

So, how does Pinterest having anything to do with social media? 

Though it may not compare to Google+, you can only become a member by invitation only. Whether they approve every request is yet to be determined


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Businesses are starting to take part in creating their own pinboards. For example, Masterbooks, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group, is using the site to promote their various book titles. 

Here's how it works, using Masterbooks for an example:

  • When you log onto your Pinterest account you see a picture of two children reading a book. They look cute enough to click on, and you want to see what book they are reading. 
  • You click the link in the top right corner and it takes you to the actual website with the original photo. It brings you to the blog of a homeschool mother who snaps a quick photo of her children learning from "The Creation Story for Children." 
Creation Story For Children(60424)Credit: Pinterest


  • You read her review of the book and how much your children have enjoyed it. You want to buy. 
  • You click on the link within the blog, buy the book from Amazon, and wait patiently for it to show up in your mailbox, or quickly download it on your Kindle. 
  • You're happy, and the publishing company is even happier.

Another great example involves Devo Olive Oil. They post pictures of new recipes when they are submitted. Food lovers repin the photos, check out the recipes, and more olive oil is sold. 

In a busy world, where businesses are trying to find new ways to promote products, and they don't really have time to submit to another site, Pinterest comes to the rescue. Add an extension to your dashboard that simply allows you to choose what photos you want to pin. Select the board you want it to post to and you're done. It's that easy! 

Search for more examples of businesses using this new social media platform to grow their customer base and you can find some more great ideas. 

This applies to bloggers too. Every good blogger knows that a picture is required to attract readers to their posts. Pin your posts. Readers find your link. You get more followers. It may not happen over night, but just like everything, when you invest time, it will happen. 

Get your invitation to Pinterest today!