Puppy pads are a popular training tool for housebreaking a new pet. They offer an interesting alternative to the traditional training, and give the pet owner a specific method to follow. As with any type of training for a pet, success is hugely based on the owner's ability to remain consistent and positive throughout the training process.

The use of any type of puppy training pad allows you to direct your dog to a specific area to relieve itself. This is not to suggest that they are to be used like a litter box is used for a cat. Instead, the goal is to slowly move the designated area, meaning the pad, towards the door that leads to where your pup will eventually use when nature calls. This allows you to slowly transition your dog to the process of eliminating outdoors.

puppy wee wee pads (15871)It is important to recognize the signs that your dog needs to eliminate. Watch for sniffing, circling or whining. Be sure to follow along if your pup quickly leaves the room. Anytime your pet shows signs of needing to eliminate, gently guide it towards the goal. Early on, you may need to literally pick the pup up and place it on the mat. Be prepared to offer positive reinforcement with each success. Also be prepared for many failures. Remember, this is a training process and your dog needs your patient consistency in order to be successful.

Puppy training pads come in several varieties. Some are scientifically treated with an aroma designed to attract puppies. Some are treated specifically with odor reducing ingredients for the obvious reasons. If it is important for you to find a 'greener' solution, you may want to consider a washable style. These allow you to reuse the product over and over. Decide which variety you would like to use, and then prepare to begin the training process.

If you are using the scented puppy housebreaking pads, your pet will naturally be attracted to the designated location. Many are even designed to encourage marking which in turn can lead potty training puppy padsto elimination. The scented treatment should make it easier for your pup to locate the proper area for elimination. If you select the washable pads, you can use the same style of training while reaping the cost-saving benefits of a reusable item. On days when your pup may be home alone for a long time, any variety of these products allows the pup to successfully eliminate in an "allowed" area without requiring you being present to open a door.

Whichever style you decide, the ultimate goal is for your pup to be accident free as quickly as possible. The benefits of successful training are obvious for everyone involved. The proper use of puppy training pads can directly lead you to a successful housebreaking experience.