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Reddit - Troll Kingdom. - Troll Paradise

Reddit - Rewards and Pitfalls

Most everyone who creates content on the web has heard of Reddit.  So often I see people talking about that website here and on other sites that I create content on, and then not too much long afterwards I see the same person agitated by what's happened to their great discovery and tremendously successful venture on Reddit.  Make no mistake about it, Reddit is a huge website with an extremely loyal following of members, and submitting webpages that we create here on Info Barrel, or some other website to Reddit can possibly bring us huge rewards in traffic to our content.

But the question will always be, "Is it worth it?"

Well, in the pre panda past backlinks on Reddit were said to be dofollow backlinks, and the theory was that dofollow backlinks were the only backlinks that Google counted and used to determine a web page's rank in Google's search engine results pages.  That alone in and of itself made sharing your own content on Reddit worth the effort, but the internet has changed since the panda or farmer algorithm update to Google's search engine.  Whether or not dofollow backlinks weigh so heavily in determining page rank now is debatable.

Listen, I know some folks who make their entire income from doing what I'm doing here - creating web pages with adverts, and who do not backlink on more than two or three websites.  Now sure, it could be that those persons have already built for themselves a huge following, and if you're brand new to this, then you want to be like those persons.  You've got to build a following and a reputation for yourself, and so backlinking and promotion is important to you.  So one more backlink, especially a dofollow backlink just couldn't be a bad thing, right?


Listen, this is important to get, and especially for a site like Info Barrel where folks trying to make money are mostly making that money from Google Adsense.  Google Adsense is contextual advertising, and it strives to put the most relevant adverts on each page for a mutually beneficial relationship involving all parties, and that includes you, the publisher, Google, and the advertiser - but most especially, it involves the person who is interested in the adverts based on an interest in whatever your web page is about.

Often times people submit a link to Reddit, and if they do manage to put it in the proper category or sub -reddit on their first try, then after a day or even a few hours those persons are amazed at the traffic that they get, and they think that they've literally discovered the thing that is going to make them a successful web page scribbler or article marketer.  Listen closely though, that Reddit traffic isn't good traffic, and here's why.

1.  Reddit users aren't a buying crowd:

 Reddit users know what the game is here, and they know exactly why you submitted your own work there, and they personally dislike you simply for you having shared your own link on  You could call Reddit a troll kingdom, and that would most often be a pretty fair description if you're into that sort of internet lingo  Reddit users absolutely love to trash talk, and they love nothing more than ripping to pieces anything that they can see has been submitted by someone that has submitted their own work to their troll kingdom.

Literally, you have to be thick skinned to do this deal to begin with, but submitting to Reddit is simply asking for abuse.  There's nothing you can do so well, nothing you can know so thoroughly that you can present there that someone with a computer and the safety of being out of range won't take it upon themselves to rip to shreds with juvenile comments, and then a half dozen more will jump right on in along with them doing the same thing.  You might get three thousand page views, and not one person will be interested in a single advert on your work.  You'll make no sales, and if you're foolish enough to go read the comments on, you're likely to have your feelings hurt.

2. Think about your relationship with Google:  

Listen, let's pretend that I run Google Adsense for a minute, okay?  You're new to this game, but I like you, and I'm going to give you the very best ads for your work that I've got to offer for your content, and I'm expecting you to do us all a good job.  I'm going to be paying close attention to what your content does.  I'm Google, I'm the all seeing eye of the internet.

Oh DEAR!  You've been submitting articles to Reddit!!!  You're getting thousands and thousands of page views and not a single viewer is interested in those ads that I trusted you with!!  You are dropping the ball here!  Why did I waste my BEST ads on you when none of your traffic is interested!  I'm so disappointed in you and the performance of your content that I'm considering lowering the quality of the ads that I allow on your pages.  I'll give my good ads to people who's readers show interest in those ads.  Maybe when you see how little you're making you'll realize how foolish it was of you to submit your content with my ads on it to a place where folks just bounce off of the page to somewhere else after fifteen seconds.  Even the Reddit users who did read your page never bothered with anything else, hell, I can see their comments on Reddit - they only read the page so that they could humiliate you in their troll kingdom.

3. Reddit, they're all using adblock anyway:

I don't know much about adblock, and I don't care to know.  I don't intend to install it, and ads don't bother me so much unless they just pop up out of nowhere.  Here's the thing though, you can bet your bottom dollar that the majority of the folks on Reddit are using adblock, none of their traffic will make you a single penny.  Not on Info Barrel it won't.  Now there are some other sites with other sorts of advertising models.  Hubpages has the Hubpages Ad Program.  I'm on Hubpages and I do use the Hubpages Ad Program instead of just purely Adsense there.  Being that I've never used adblock, I don't know what is and isn't blocked out, and I don't know how affected I am by Reddit traffic using adblock.  Actually, I don't much care.  I DO sometimes submit stuff from Hubpages to Reddit just to see how it affects my earnings there.  If I were running Adsense on that site instead of the Hubpages Ad Program - I'd never, ever, ever submit to Reddit.

Additional Reasons Why Reddit Sucks:

1. Basically, the whole community sucks:

Listen, I'm a fair person, and I've had some really good and meaningful discussions with people on Reddit.  I assure you that that is the exception, and not the rule.  On this site and on other websites, I often write about guitars and acoustic guitar music.  I'd submit my articles about musicians, mostly guitarist, and articles about guitars to Reddit.  Even the sub reddit "guitar" is full of morons that will up vote someone's picture of their guitar or guitars a million times, but if someone submits something to read, or something meant for a discussion...nobody much votes that up.  We're talking about a website that attracts nothing but adolescent minds seeking instant gratification.  Oh, there are some very smart people there, but when was intelligence ever proportionate to wisdom, integrity, or maturity?  Pretty much never, and especially on

Reddit is a website where a picture of a cat's anus will get up voted into the heavens, but an article about the Scottish Wildcat submitted by a Ph.D would get down voted into the abyss.


If you just like to cut up on the web - then maybe you'll love the place.  I go there and look around from time to time, and generally see one or two things that I like that someone had submitted, but once I start reading comments I remember why I don't much participate there.  I'll be 38 years old next month, I don't hang out in high school parking lots any more.