Retro home decor adds a funky vibe to your space. Plus, it allows you to repurpose inherited items or just pieces that you pick up at the thrift store. This doesn't mean that your room has to look dated. It's all about finding an eclectic look that balances the old and new. This will also give your room a sense of history. Here are a few tips for using retro home decor successfully.

Know when to go retro and when to buy new. You might have difficulty finding a thirty year old couch in good condition that's still comfortable. The same thing goes for vintage fabrics; they might be torn, and moth eaten or just plain smell bad. You need to know how to mix in the old with the new to get a completely unique look. There's always the danger with this design style that you'll end up with an exact replica of your favorite sitcom set. It's important to modernize the retro look while changing the best parts.

Head to the thrift store for your wood furniture. You can find simple buffets and end tables that are original to the time period and just cost a few dollars. You can remake a dresser into a kitchen island or a buffet into a vanity complete with vessel sinks. You can always refinish them or paint them a bright white or dramatic black. This gives you authentic pieces that will really drive home your theme. Repurpose how items were used to give them new life. Finding a complete set of dining room chairs can be more difficult so just settle on a teak table if you come across it and then buy your chairs new. Mix and match your pieces for a one of a kind look that also has a nod to the past.

Change up the traditional color palette. Sure back in the day mustard went with tomato red and harvest gold belonged with avocado. Remember that you don't want your room to be dingy looking. Instead it should be retro inspired. If you do decide to go with one of these bring in a lot of balance with bright whites to make things look fresh and new. You can just go with the retro lines and accessories and then use a more modern color palette of aqua and chocolate brown. Remember that you also need to consider your lifestyle and the rest of your house when going with a theme room.

Bring in retro inspired accessories. You might want to change up your existing furniture. This also assures that your room doesn't start looking too "old". A few staples from this design style are sunburst mirrors and oversized ceramic lamps. Always check the wiring on old lamps. You can always spruce it up with a new, bright white shade.

Retro home decor is fun and a form of recycling. It allows you to keep your treasured childhood pieces but look at them in a whole new way. It's important to update your room every few years to keep things looking new and fresh but you don't have to get rid of the things that you love the most.