Light is a basic necessity of life, but if you do not control it effectively, it will not contribute to the beauty of your home or your good health. The Renaissance greats like Caravaggio and Rembrandt created a delicate balance between the light and dark elements of their paintings. This they called "chiaroscuro."

Today, we must still seek to achieve balance for not just artistic ones, but practical ones as well. Modern homeowners know that each room will benefit from this balance. Laundry or mud rooms and dens will need an abundance of light, but bedrooms may have to be completely darkened if some of the residents work the night shift. Good sleep is an essential element of good health and work efficiency.

There are many types of room darkening window blinds, shades and roller blinds (such as blackout roller blinds made to measure) available to provide good protection from outside light coming into a bedroom. Roller blinds are easily installed and cost friendly. There are many different choices available in our stores today. Some of these blinds can actually be installed in between two panes of glass in a dual pane window. These blinds will stay dust free and clean and can allow for the use of more decorations for your windows without losing their usefulness. They are costly, however, and will usually need to be professionally installed.

If you are someone who likes to take pictures as a hobby, then you will need some way to control the light in your darkroom. Most cameras do not need the completely dark room, but it is a nice choice to have in the case of larger formatted cameras such as 35mm. If you simply want to darken a spare bathroom or an extra room in your home, this is a simple thing to do with the right type of blinds.

These room darkening blinds can protect your valuable furniture from damage from lengthy exposure to the sun's light. Many modern libraries have very few windows because of this. The book bindings can literally be destroyed by too much ultraviolet light from the sun.

If you are able to achieve the correct balance between light and dark, then you will be happier in your home. Take your time shopping and remember that each area will have its own special requirements for beauty and use.