scalp massages and hair growth

Answering The Question “How Often Must I Massage My Scalp?             

A question I get a lot is “I'm trying to grow my hair out longer and I read that scalp massage will help. But it didn't say how often to do it or how to do it. So I would like to know if I should do it daily, weekly, or what? Also, what to use and how to do it properly?”

And here is my answer: That is a good question and here is what you should do to make your hair grow faster, help prevent hair loss and grow healthier, more beautiful hair

Buy a hair oil which is made of essential oils from herbal plants. This might be a bit costly to get really good oil, but it will be worth the price. Buy from East Indian stores or go online to sites like Nara Hair Oil.

Use the amount of oil needed to massage into your scalp, coating the skin of the scalp thoroughly and massaging gently with fingertips from front to back and side to side. This will give it a good cleaning, unclogging any pores and stimulating the hair follicles which also increasing blood flow to the scalp. If hair is dry, cover with a how moist towel and let set for about an hour (rewarm the towel as needed). This is the initial massage to jump start your hair growth program

Give yourself another massage every three days, but these subsequent massages need not be as extensive or as long. Leave oil on about 30 minutes and then shampoo out, rinsing well and using an herbal conditioner on hair ends if needed

For shampooing, use only herbal shampoos which contain no phosphates or chemicals.

Take some hair vitamins to make sure you are getting all the nourishment needed to grow long hair and avoid hair loss

If you get split ends, get a trim (just a bit to make sure splits are gone. Thereafter, don't get a haircut until you see evidence of split ends again

Following these simple guidelines will help your hair grow faster as well as promote healthy, beautiful shimmering hair that will be your crowning glory