A small garden fountain adds enormously to an outdoor patio or garden. The gentle trickling sound of the water added with unique designs combine to create conversation pieces. They provide a relaxing calm while reviving and refreshing spirits. They are available in hundreds of unique creative forms that can be placed even on apartment balconies.

How Does a Small Garden Fountain Work?

A small garden fountain contains a pump which may be electric or operated on batteries to continuously small garden fountainscirculate the water. They will need to have additional water added occasionally so that the pump doesn't run dry. In the event that it has it will need to be primed which is not a major task. The water flows through plastic tubes to the top to flow down through the feature and back up again. Lights may be added as well as either throughout or to highlight a special feature of the fountain.

Small Garden Fountain Styles

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of unique small garden fountain styles available. They may even be built at home from materials that are on hand to create a one of a kind fountain. One popular style is simply a garden faucet suspended over a bucket with a continuous stream of water. The faucet appears to be floating; however a clear plastic support which is made to look like water is actually supporting it and transporting the water to the faucet so it can flow out again. A second popular style has a frame similar to a window frame built from wood, bamboo or metal with a thin "window" of glass.

Many small garden fountains will resemble bird baths as well as much larger fountains. They often will feature moving pieces as well, such as a ball or blade even colored glass that reflects the light and casts colors about. They may be in a formal design such as one with four layers or tiers constructed of overlapping square stones, or one with a background spout like a lion's head. The classic center fountain in a shallow bowl is another more formal design of small garden fountain. Other designs include watering cans and jugs, as well as small animals such as frogs with lily pads and bases.

The water flows in small garden fountains in various ways. In some it will pour as if from a faucet, with others it is a mist and with some the water cascades down several sides at once. They often contain stones and pebbles to recreate a natural babbling stream or they may be made to appear to have been carved from large slabs of stone. Built in containers for plants to sit on the sides may be used to create a natural type setting. The water is not actually used to water these plants, as the soil and leaves may be pulled back through the pump and clog it.

Shopping for a Small Garden Fountain

Shopping for a small garden fountain can be accomplished in many ways. They are available locally at garden centers, do it yourself stores as well at many discount stores which may only carry them seasonally. Online shopping will provide thousands of styles that are available for purchase, as well as kits for do it yourselfers. Many garden sites offer them for sale as well as companies that specifically sell fountains only. While there are standard ones available for price comparison, if one is found that is unique and you want it they usually go quickly and may not be found again.
Prices of a Small Garden Fountain

The prices of a small garden fountain begin quite inexpensively. A very simple one can be found for as low as twenty dollars and by shopping outlets and sales possibly even for less. A marble fountain that features a large rolling ball on the top is considerably more expensive at 1600 dollars. The prices range considerably depending upon the material and design. Purchasing a pump and creating one at home can be accomplished for under twenty dollars and can result in a beautiful creation that is truly one of a kind.

Care of a small garden fountain requires minimal effort. Ensuring a power source is essential as well as making certain it is supplied safely. The water will need to be replaced occasionally as it runs low. Depending on the water source it may need to be treated with a solution that has been created specifically to target mineral buildup and may include a fungicide as well.