Business has changed since the internet has made consumers more aware of what they are purchasing and who they are doing business with. Today business owners need a marketing plan to keep updated with what their customers or clients wants and needs are and using social media is a great tool to make your business grow.


Customer Service and brand awareness are two key factors in success today and using Twitter and Facebook will keep you in the public eye, generate new leads, and grow confidence in consumers wanting to use your service or buy your products.

These social media sites have generated plenty of leads and earned companies millions of dollars in sales and with the right plan in place and some luck, you could become the next online millionaire. 


The public now uses the web for product ratings and reviews and more and more people are using friends and word of mouth to make decisions. Using Twitter for customer support and detailed marketing campaigns will bring you and your company closer to the public and help gain a trust, which in turn will create a loyal following and allow any business owner to interact with his customers in a moments notice.


Facebook is a great tool for spreading brand awareness and generating leads. Friends always tell other friends about a great deal or terrific service they receive and this can create a chain reaction and a buzz surrounding your business. Facebook can also give business owners immediate feedback on new marketing plans, sales ideas, and planned events that could lead to more sales. 


There are countless number of social media sites now on the web and all have the good and bad points, but for business owners, these tools can and will help any business if used correctly. Just remember to interact with everyone, because you never know who could become a future customer and keep fresh and informative information flowing, this will keep your brand awareness positive and give the public one more reason to use your business or service when needed.