There are a million and one things to consider when putting together a nursery. Think about using stencils as a simple way to add color and accents to bedroom walls. To avoid mistakes that could cost you time, review the list below and ensure you have covered all you bases before completing your nursery decorations.

Why Use Wall Stencils for the Baby's Room?

  • Cost Effective: When compared to the overall cost of completely re-painting a room to welcome a new baby, wall stencils are a money saving option. There are large stencils that would allow you to completely cover two entire walls for only $100. Other, smaller options can be had for half that.
  • Reusable: Buying a collection of wall stencils for the baby's nursery allows you a small cache of shapes and designs to use all around the house. Most stencils can be used over and over again, allowing you to apply similar designs in different colors and patterns throughout the years.
  • Easy: There is no easier way to attractively apply paint to a child's bedroom than using wall stencils. Most stencils have a sticker-back that avoids the use of additional adhesives. Simply put the stencil where you want, paint, then take it down.
  • Fully Customizable: Unlike wall stickers, the colors you use with stencils can be ever changing. Their easy customization allows the child to add to their room once they're old enough to paint.
  • Textured Appearance: Wall stickers provide a sheer, plastic appearance. Many parents prefer a more textured, painted look. When you paint stencils (with brushes or rollers) you are adding a subtle texture that will contribute to the overall appeal of the nursery.

Things to Remember Before Applying Paint with Wall Stencils

  • Furniture: If you intend to move your furniture in the future, be sure to account for that when choosing stencil placement.
  • Color Schemes: Decide on general color schemes before choosing colors for stencil decorations. Place color swatches next to each other of all the colors you intend to put on the walls of your nursery and determine if they are cohesive. Take accent walls and color blocks into account as well to ensure there is minimal clashing.
  • Nursery Themes: If you have decided on a theme for your nursery, make sure that your stencils go with the theme, in color and in type. You may have found (or been gifted) some amazing stencils for the baby's room but even the best accents will look odd if they clash with the general theme of the nursery.
  • Wall Hangings: Determine if you will be adding framed prints or wall stickers to the walls before painting. If framed prints or other wall hangings are placed too close to painted stencil designs, certain parts of the room could end up looking too busy.

Where to Buy Wall Stencils for the Nursery?

  •  Etsy: Etsy is full of sellers offering a variety of wall stencils you can use for a kids room. Most will also alter shapes and sizes to fit your needs.
  • My Wonderful Walls: This site is the place to go when seeking kits for specific themes. If you have decided on a theme for your nursery, check here and you will likely find a comprehensive kit to give you many different options for decorating with stencils.
  • Wall to Wall Stencils: This site offers stencils as well as stencil tools like brushes and paints. There are a number of different designs to choose from here.

Before putting the stamp on the nursery, consider using wall stencils. For those parents looking to save some time and some money I strongly suggest going the wall stencil route. 

Using Stencils to Decorate a Dresser
Credit: isfive