More and more people are getting addicted to Twitter as it is a great resource for instant news, updates and communication.  Twitter is also great for spreading news, blogs or promoting any sort of events as it has done wonders for marketing. All businesses, stores, and restaurants should be using the social media network to expand its brand.  Although it has a ton of great features and capabilities, many are scared to take that first step and create a twitter account because it looks confusing and complicating. This is not the case at all and even though it may look tough to master it is a simple site that everyone should be on!

The first step to conquering Twitter is creating an account and a profile.  This is a very similar process to creating an e-mail address or a Facebook account. It will ask for some information (email, password etc..) the big difference is that it will ask you for a @____ which will be known as your "Twitter handle".  This is simply a username where others can "tweet" or message you at.  This is your Twitter identity and the most important part of your Twitter account.  It is important that you find a Twitter handle you are happy with, as it will be used all the time and become your entire essence on the site.

Now that you've got a Twitter handle you are set to go out and gain followers! A follower is someone instantly sees all the Tweets you send out in their news feed. The more followers you have, the easier it will be to promote an event, article, or deal you are offering.  If you are not in the business of marketing and are only using Twitter for social purposes, make sure your friends and family members are following you so that you can message them privately and they can see when you've sent something to them.  In turn, you have the ability to follow other people including celebrities or friends.  It is important to remember you can follow people who are not following you, this is a key difference to Facebook.

A tweet is a message that goes out to all your followers and is public. It is limited to 140 characters so it is important to be quick and witty with your tweets, as the amount you can say in each tweet is limited, so be short and sweet. One way to make a tweet shorter is using the popular "hashtag" or #. This is used to emphasize a point or list a category i.e That was a great football game #NFL or whatever the case may be.  When someone searches for NFL using the twitter search bar your tweet may come up.  This is a great tool and one that is not nearly as complicated as it looks.

You are now ready to start using twitter! Good luck!