Twitter seems to be an excellent source to generate possible mortgage leads. It has been reported that CNN and a certain actor with the last name of Kutcher has already reached over a million "followers". Could it be possible that we could also do the same. It is important to think that tweets could be a way to let those who need to refinance or to purchase a mortgage to contact your company. Well what do you think the world has started using Twitter for? With the way networking has changed over the last decade the net has become such a popular place to social net work for just about any leads. You could tweet a link to a blog, website or an article. When the tweeter clicks on the link they read your information which may create a lead or several leads. This is such an excellent way to communicate with people all over the world. Twitter does have a spam policy so when you tweet remember to read the rules. Twitter is such a fun way to experience the source of networking. You can start to search for such terms concerning your mortgage business and then you can post those terms for the SEO process. This is such a fast approach to marketing your businesss. A few examples that might spark your imagination would be to search about agents who would like to work part-time form home, or people who need to refinance there existing mortgage, or something like , If you are ready to purchase a mortgage then you should contact my company and click on the link. These are just a few ideas to get your mind to thinking about powerful social networks are and are becoming as they prove to be the wave of the future. If your have created some great SEO terms then you should start receiving emails to your inbox that say so and so is now following you on Twitter. So many business platforms are in the beginning stages of how to successfully use the internet as a business tool. The good part about the Twitter network is you will meet people all over the world. It is so interesting how many people are on the social networks who can help you and you help them.