Social Media Made Easy with Hootsuite and TweetAdder

Social Media has made it so easy to build an audience for your brand. If you do not use Social Media, it’s time to start. You cannot build an online business without it. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ - they are all free to use and perfect for marketing your business. The problem is they are all time consuming, and time is money, so how can you make the most of your social media marketing without taking up too much of your working day?

It is difficult to “get” Twitter until you have tried it. Known as microblogging, Tweets are posts of 140 characters or less and can include image or video uploads and links. Anything you do or sell can be “tweeted” to the world in an instant and real conversations can be held on the “twittersphere”.

Twitter is an excellent source of traffic and is very low maintenance compared to other Social Media streams, the trick is to spend just a little time (10 minutes or so) on Twitter each day once you have set up your account, profile and account maintenance tools. Give as much information about yourself/business as you can squeeze into the 140 characters you are allowed for your profile and include a link to your website. Upload your photo straight away so your followers can see who you are and can identify with your brand. For personal twitter profiles, the image should be of yourself and for business profiles, the image should be your company logo.

Next, you need to start following people in order for them to follow you back. Not everyone you follow will follow you back so don’t take it personally! Start by searching for others in the same line of business as yourself and follow their followers. If they are interested, they will follow back. At this point you could send them a personalised direct message, thanking them for the follow and tell them about your latest offer/blog post.

Follow Friday (#FF) is a nice way to thank new followers you have been in conversation with during the week. This will probably get you a “thank you” in return and some retweets. Be imaginative with your tweets eg. Ask a question in order to start a converstion and be ready to respond to replies.

Twitter can be time consuming but doesn’t need to be if you automate your tasks. Twitter management software can be free (eg. Hootsuite) or Premium (eg. Tweet Adder). For best effect, I combine the two. I use Hootsuite to quickly post a tweet, check on my replies and direct messages and set automated Tweets for later that day. Tweet Adder is my follow/unfollow tool which has allowed me to increase my followers more quickly than I could ever have imagined. I have 5 user profiles set up on my account and can manage them all smoothly as the software runs in the background as I work on other tasks. The single user profile account costs $55 at the time of writing and you can upgrade as you wish.

A little warning when using any automation software however  – Wonderful as it may sound, keep to realistic numbers of new follows each day so you don’t appear to be automating tasks ….. and make sure you interact with followers now and again …. just to keep the appearance of being real!

If you follow these rules and use both Hootsuite and Tweet Adder wisely, you will be able to organise your tweeting time effectively and should be able to stay on top of your accounts by spending no more than 5 minutes a day/account.