Weight loss injections can be searched online for the nearest expert doctor or naturopath that has experience in helping people lose weight with injections. There are three types of diet injections the hCG, B-12 and lipotropic injection. All of them vary in the method that they work but each is regularly injected into a person, usually at the lower part of the back, to help people loose weight.

HCG is a popular lternative Medicine">alternative medicine treatment for weight loss. I personally know a woman that combined several diets to start loosing weight and then finished getting rid of the last 20 pounds with a regular HCG injection. She said that she lost the most weight during the 3 months she was getting the injection. To this day she hasn't gained it back. This is only anecdotal evidence, however there are many people that swear by HCG injections, which is actually a hormone produced during pregnancy. The catch to this treatment is that the person receive the injection will also have to be on a very low calorie diet in order for it to work. The upside is that with the injection, the person won't feel hungry all the time even though they are eating less.

Vitamin B-12 injections aren't just for weight loss, they are for getting a great amount of nutrients into the body that can help with a person's overall well-being and energy levels. The reason why vitamin b-12 shots are considered a weight loss injection is because it is very effective at increasing the efficiency of the body, mood of the person, and metabolism, thus making it easier for a person to stay on track with their diet and other exercise efforts while feeling healthy.

Lipotropics work in the same way as vitamin b-12 in the sense that it helps speed up the body's metabolism. Lipotropics is a natural compound found in the body.

At this time there are mixed reviews on weight loss injections, primarily because the FDA has not approved any of these treatments specifically for weight loss injections- however some doctors keep prescribing them with great success. Do the research, talk to people who have done it and consider finding a good doctor to help you get a hold of your body again with weight loss injections.