window fan

Some homes experience hot and humid temperatures that make it very difficult for the home owners to relax or enjoy their home. Air conditioning systems can be extremely helpful in such homes. However these systems are very expensive and difficult to install.

Several alternatives have been developed in the past to help home owners address this issue. One of the alternatives that are gaining popularity is the use of window fans. These are fans that are quite similar to standard fans but are specifically designed to be fitted in the frames of open windows. The good thing about them is that unlike the air conditioning systems, they are not very expensive and are quite effective in cooling a home.

A window fan can work in any kind of climate. However it is not recommended for use when the outside temperatures are constantly hot and humid or when the air outside is polluted heavily. When the outside temperatures go down at night, the window fans prove to be very effective. They can be switched on at this time to keep the house temperatures cool.

You can use any number of window fans in your home. The only thing that can limit you is the number of windows you have. However you should know that window fans are likely to make some noise hence it is not a very good idea to place them in the bedroom. The fans also come in different designs that make it very easy for them to fit in any kind of window frame.

You should place some of the window fans to point outwards while the same number point inwards. You should also check the different temperatures of the house and determine the coolest side. Usually places of the house that are dark should have the window fans pointing inwards. Since warm air rises up, you should place the fans that are facing outwards high enough, more specifically at the highest point possible inside the house. This will allow the cool air to get sucked in from the outside while the warm air is blown outside.

The use of a whole house window fan is however most recommended for areas that temperatures tend to drop during the night. In areas where the temperatures tend to remain the same during the night or day, the system tends to be very ineffective. This is because as the warm air is blown out, warm air gets sucked in making the house even warmer. In such areas, it is recommended that you switch off the system during the night and instead use window shades during the day to prevent the sun from heating the air in the house.

As you use this system, you should increase the security of your house or choose to have the window fans on the second floor of your house since the windows are left open most of the time.

Window fans provide a cheaper option when compared to the air conditioning units. They are the perfect cooling solution for any one looking to conserve the environment as they do not use AC power.