If you are a web master, domain name owner, or avid blogger, chances are you've come across a few broken hyperlinks in your time. There doesn't really seem to be a way to prevent these links from breaking, but you can certainly fix them. Xenu's Link Sleuth is a computer program that checks websites for broken hyperlinks.

This program as a very simple and easy to user interface that displays a continuously updated list of URL's for your site. You can organize these URL's however you'd like, opening the door for a highly customized experience. It is a simple, small executable file of no more than 1MB that is able to check normal links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, scripts, java applets and more.

It updates automatically every minute, and is probably the fastest link-checking software on the market. Since the crawler is designed to check each link on the site, every page that is a part of your website can be checked in one session. This program was created to work on all of Microsoft Windows' operating systems, and functions without the use of adware or spyware, though it is completely free.

There are many features and benefits to this "site crawler," in addition to finding the broken hyperlinks. Because of the simple user interface, and customization possibilities, you can use it to search for all sorts of other problems within your site, and really get the most out of the program.

Here is a list of some of the alternative uses for Xenu's Link Sleuth in addition to being a broken hyperlink checker.

  • Lists the number of linked-in pages. This allows you to remove or update links that aren't contributing to the overall success of your site.
  • Finds the pages with the most out links. Helps you track and understand your site's progress.
  • Locates and lists duplicate content. Many people don't realize how case sensitive URL's and domain names are, so by neglecting to create permanent redirects, or allowing two indexes with the same content can be very detrimental to your page.
  • Locates pages that are buried deeply, giving you the opportunity to find them and make them more visible.

This program and others like it are used by organic SEO companies all over the country, so if you have and troubles or confusions with this program there are plenty of people you can call for help.