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It just makes sense to view it rather than read it

Really? You'd rather read it?

Okay, let's read

YouTube and InfoBarrel can work together, seamlessly. When writing an article for InfoBarrel it gives you the option to add a Video, this can be a video from pretty much any video-hosting website, such as YouTube or Vimeo. 

Firstly, for this article you need; A active YouTube Account, with Monetisation enabled and have your YouTube Account linked to an AdSense Account.

When you go to create an article on InfoBarrel, such as about Minecraft (computer-game), instead of just writing endless words about Minecraft, why not add a video? Gaming articles benefit more from videos because gamers prefer videos and not reading a bunch of text.

To earn extra money on InfoBarrel from your YouTube videos you need to add the video that is relevant to your article, into your article. This can be easily done by; clicking Video under the "Add Element" sidebar section on the Write an Article InfoBarrel page. Once done, enter the video's title in the heading, and then paste the direct YouTube video link.

Now it's fairly simple, when people read your article, they are likely to view your video as well, this generates income if you have Monetisation enabled, as YouTube will display advertisements inside of your video, which earn income. This creates an instant revenue stream, combined with all the other methods of earning money by writing articles on InfoBarrel, this just adds to the growing ways.

Tips to Increase Video Views within Article

So, you have your video in your InfoBarrel article, you have published your article, got about 100 views on your article, but only about 2 views on your YouTube video? Not a problem. In fact, you should expect those kinds of results at first, you need to learn how to place your video, what title's to give your video and the relevance of your video.

Try to place your video at the top of your article, maybe you could create multiple videos for one article? For example, have a short introduction video at the top, then such as Minecraft gameplay, have another video showing the real gameplay, resulting in more income, yet more relevant videos.

Check the relevance, is it the most relevant video you can create? If not, try tweaking it a couple of times, see how your statistics differ between various changes, you might be surprised.

Don't use the same video in multiple article. YouTube counts unique video views only, and in some cases you only earn for the first unique view from that person (not always, but sometimes), so having different videos for each article can end up bringing in more income that it would if you used the same video.

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