Do you have hundreds of articles online on various web content sites such as InfoBarrel, Hubpages or others? Did you know that you can use a simple blog to drive natural traffic to these articles without resorting to spam tactics that Google and other search engines hate? This natural way of driving traffic is called back linking and it can help your poor performing articles rise in the search engines or just bring you more traffic to your web writings.

What is Backlinking?

Backlinking is simply a link on part the Internet that “links back” to your article, website or blog. A Backlink is used to help raise your writing in value across the Internet because search engines see other sites linking back to your work. Many people have tried to abuse this method by back linking to every article directory or site they can but this process fails because it becomes spam that Google hates. You’re not naturally raising your rank with links that provide “value.” You see there’s a big problem on the Internet and that is a large portion of content provides no value at all. What good is a backlink if it provides the reader with no value? A good backlink also uses descriptive text called "anchor text" to describe what the link is about. This text is often a keyword to your other content.  As an example I will write a short paragraph on guitars using my own links from here at InfoBarrel to show you how backlinking provides value to the reader.

The Fender Musical Instrument Company has a rich history. They have been making guitars for generations. The Fender Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster are two of their best known brands. Fender also has a beginner brand called the Squire. I remember when I got my beginner Squier Stratocaster and plugged it in for the first time.”

You can see how I have provided value by linking to the history of Fender guitars and information on the Fender Squier Stratocaster in one simple paragraph. You can also do this my creating a blog about your favorite writing subject and adding natural backlinks to your posts.

Backlinking on a Blog

Instead of spamming social media or creating dozens of the same articles on one subject and creating even more spam you can write simple blog posts that incorporate “similar topics” in an organic way to create tremendous value for visitors to your blog and at the same time help your articles scattered around the Internet get more views. On my Blog Write for Money I created a simple post about using a blog for affiliate marketing purposes. I then linked back to several of my articles here on InfoBarrel that help enhance the blog post. I created a link to an article on “books about blogging,” I linked to an article on using “Google blogger for your first blog, “and I linked to an article on “how niche marketing can benefit your blog.” These backlinks are all related to my blog post on affiliate marketing and give the reader value while promoting my articles in a natural way.

You can do this for any articles that are related to each other. You will need to create other blogs for different subjects but it’s worth it to provide natural links to your work and avoid the spam tactics which fail in the long run. You can see how even the backlinks I just created in this article, provide value for those reading it. This is the secret to backlinks, they need to create natural organic traffic to your work. This natural traffic in turn helps raise your page rank and the value of your content on the Internet. 

Applying Backlinking to Any Website Or Writing Site

You can use this backlinking method of generating traffic to your blog on any website or content site such as here on InfoBarrel. You can Help Your Fellow InfoBarrelers by backlinking to their articles and asking them to do the same. Use this method for whatever site you write for.