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When one is undergoing cervical spine pain treatment, there are several things that he or she might try  to help alleviate some of the pain that are in addition to what the physician might be doing to help.  Using a product like the Original McKenzie Cervical Roll can certainly be a great help in getting some neck pain relief.  Because of the support this relatively inexpensive offers to the neck and head when one is asleep there is a great chance that using this pillow can help to speed along any treatment for neck pain that one might be undergoing.  The pillow works to help the body maintain the proper curve to the spine while reclining.  The neck roll fits inside the pillowcase of any regular bed pillow and generally allows for better support and a more natural positioning of the spine.  This means that proper support will be helping to alleviate one’s neck pain.

Some Product Details of the Original McKenzie Cervical Roll

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Developed by Dr. Robin McKenzie, who has some 30 years’ experience in treating and examining mechanical spinal pain, this product has been shown to be an effective way to reduce neck pain associated with poor support while sleeping.  Those who awaken with a stiff neck, who have neck or shoulder pain while trying to sleep or who cannot seem to ever quite escape an achy neck are all good candidates for using this product and getting neck pain support that will lead to less discomfort.  This product is excellent for those who are undergoing cervical spine pain treatment.

The Cervical Roll needs to be placed between a pillow and the pillowcase. It will work with most conventional pillows. It is not expensive especially given the pain relief that can be achieved. The pillow travels well and will fit in most luggage. It is not as hot or tight around the neck as a cervical night collar is as these collars can be almost claustrophobic to many users. The cervical roll is made of low density foam and has a washable cover. It is 3 1/2" in diameter x 20" long. It is important to note that in order for the cervical roll to work as well as possible it must be used with a very soft pillow.

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Results from using the Original McKenzie Cervical Roll

Those who have used this product in order to help with cervical spine pain treatment have reported that it has helped to relieve neck pain.  Users have had a more comfortable night’s sleep.  This cervical roll works particularly well for those who choose to sleep on their backs and for many side sleepers.  Users report that the cervical roll holds up fairly well but that it will need to be replaced should it become too flat or when it gets too aged to be supportive. If one rolls up a towel into the shape of this product and tries it for an hour or two, placed in a pillow case as the product description instructs, and if he or she feels some neck pain relief then this is a must buy product. For those people this cervical roll will be a huge addition to therapy, medication or other attempts at cervical spine pain treatment.