Creating a Custom Facebook Fan Page Landing Page

Free Branding

A custom Facebook fan page is a free way to expand your company's identity on the Internet. The most successful Facebook fan pages are customized and include landing pages that encouraging visitors to take advantage of a special discount or deal in exchange for "like"ing the page. Customization can include bright colors, engaging verbiage, YouTube integration, and information that is also provided on your main website.

The powerful force of Facebook as a social networking tool has the potential to drastically boost your company's reputation both online and off. By creating an engaging Facebook fan page, you are creating a platform by which your most loyal clients can spread the word for you - with very little provocation or planning on your part.


A fan page should be designed in such a way that viewers can find all of the information needed simply and efficiently. A custom landing page can include buttons linking to the main "wall" and "photos" tabs, or an entry form for an email subscription list. Customizing your Facebook fan page can make your visitors feel as though they’ve landed on your website, by providing all pertinent information on a customized screen.

With a custom site, you can create a design that not only provides valuable information, but also "wows" your fans, holding their attention and keeping them on your page longer, and interacting with other fans more frequently.

Interaction with Other Fans

A customized Facebook fan page will encourage your visitors to spend time interacting with your company and with other fans. Those who love what your business is offering will, of course, turn into regular customers. Your current regular customers will become your biggest "fans" and advocates, providing free publicity to your company by linking to your profile. If you are offering a giveaway or a free gift, you can require new "fans" to like your page before they receive the free gift or are entered into a drawing. An additional option is to add an email form and require that they subscribe to your email database in order to enter a giveaway.

Customizing your Facebook page will give you a better chance of surviving in the developing world of social media. You will also impress your fans and customers with your new and improved social media presence.