There are some parents who might expect a child to learn and be educated solely at school, but these are the parents that need to realize that the first place a child learns is at home. A parent is a child's very first teacher!

While many parents realize that children absorb everything and can be quite observant, some hard working parents may not have the time to work one on one with their child. It is times like these that a kids portable dvd player can really come in handy because these devises can be taken everywhere including long and short road trips. A kids portable dvd player cannot ever replace a parent's guidance and instill values, however, this helpful device can serve to teach a child when you as a parent cannot.

When you really think about it, the whole family can actually benefit because you can invest in some educational DVDs, language DVDs and other entertaining yet pertinent historical facts that they can enjoy!

This is a great opportunity to learn together as a family while on trips and vacations. If you show an interest in learning then your child will too. You have the power to teach them that you are never too old or young to learn and discover new and exciting things.

You will be encouraging your child to grow into a strong and responsible adult who can make a difference in this world.

Parents have the power to help their children excel in whatever they do. If you start when they are young then they will always have the thirst to acquire more information and learn new things.

They can become well rounded and highly educated individuals. Ask yourself, what are children learning from the media? Are they learning to question others when they feel something is wrong? Are they learning the value of hard work?

When we see all the reality programs that are out there, many children may receive a false belief that they can easily become rich and famous by showing off some skin or having dozens of children.

What kind of message are children and teenagers receiving? It may be called reality television, but some shows are definitely not realistic. For one, it is not realistic to think that one can have several babies at a time and land a reality show.

In fact, the only reason why many of the people that make boatloads of money off of their life is because people watch them! They would not be popular if so many people would not tune in.

Children who watch these programs can grow up with false beliefs. There is nothing wrong with having a dream. It is wonderful to have dreams and they should never be squashed, however; children need to be taught the value of working hard for something they strongly desire.

Hard work, persistence and dedication are what it takes to succeed in life. Invest now in your child's education and it will pay off later.