If you want to succeed in making money online with writing articles either to increase your adsense revenue or get bigger affiliate commission cheques you will have to spend quite a considerable amount of time building quality backlinks to your published content.

There are many ways to build backlinks, some are useful, others not that much and some can even bring you some earnings while you are promoting your money making sites. Seeing that you are reading this article on Infobarrel I feel it is important to explain a little about this site, but it is not the main focus of this article, so if you are already familiar with Infobarrel please read on, you will find more on guest posting systems below.

Infobarrel for Building Quality Backlinks

Infobarrel is an adsense revenue sharing article site where you can make money writing and submitting articles while at the same time building links to the pages you find interesting and in need of some extra link love. If you like writing articles and participating in a really great, responsive and supportive community of writers, this is the place to be, so if you haven´t signed up yet, you should. It is however, not a guest posting system. What you need to do in order to make money, is create a profile, add your different account numbers from adsense, amazon and chitika to that profile and then start publishing content. This content will show ads which in return will make you money. Easy as that, plus you are allowed to place an in context link to a relevant source, meaning that you can get a high quality backlink.

How does Guest Posting Work?

Guest posting is an up and coming way of creating a quality backlink to your site. There are many types of links one can create to build authority for your website and creating content and then adding a link in that same article, with a relative anchor text within relative content will provide you with a link that is considered of good quality.

A lot of people these days have blogs and many of them are always looking for more content. If you feel you are wanting to publish links on different sites, you can start looking for blogs that are relevant to the content you want to promote and contact all the owners of these blogs personally, offering them to guest post. Basically what you are doing is writing an article for somebody else to publish in return for being able to place a certain amount of links in that article pointing to your site.

The Advantages of Guest Posting

The biggest advantage of guest posting is that you can try to have your article placed on a site related to the one you want to promote and chances are that that will bring in more traffic, especially if your article is published on a blog with a lot of visitors.

Another advantage is that there really are no limits to doing this, the only limit is you and your ability to create fresh and unique articles. You can contact an unlimited amount of blog owners and try to have your article published and all these published articles will mean a whole load of links going to your site, coming from many different places.

If you are big on promoting your site, you will notice that this diversification is key when it comes to ranking specific keywords high up in the SERP´s (search engine ranking pages).

The Downside of Guest Posting

It takes a considerable amount of time to locate blog owners that will allow you to post your article, the more places you can locate to publish, the better. Some say it is easier to just publish on article directories but this also means that you will have to go from one site to another, finding out what the publishing guidelines are and many have some very specific rules as to the number of minimum words, maximum links etc.

The easiest thing I have found are basically two systems even though I am fully aware there are more.

One is a growing group of article marketers wanting to publish their articles on all different sites in return for a few backlinks. Basically you just need to write your article, add your links to it and then publish it in the special member site page and it will then autimatically be submited so that you get one way links. I am enjoying this method of building one way links and it is an awesome way oto actually start dominating some keywords that are tougher to dominate, meaning that it has a huge earning potential if you pick your keywords and topics right. The only downside is that it is a bit pricey at $67 a month, but if you are serious about growing your online income and have some websites or online content that is worth of promoting, it will definitely give you a nice return of investment in a short time. After all, ranking in the first few places of the search engines is where you want to be to make a good and healthy income.

My favorite system though is a private guest posting system that forms part of a program that explains how to profit from writing articles for money and how to build sites with big earning potential. This community has hundreds of blog owners allowing others to publish articles on their site and you can build hundreds of links to your websites and money making articles. The interface they use is a standard wordpress admin panel you get access to once you sign up for their membership so you can log in, write an article of a minimum of 300 words, add to anchor context links and then choose a blog to publish it on from within the same wordpress admin panel. Your article then should be published within 7 days if not you can pick another blog to publish it on.

It is all really straight forward and forms part of a training program, and the good news is that everybody can try it out for free for the first month. For me this is probably the best solution out there to build links to my websites, because it is so straight forward and there are a huge amount of blogs I can choose from without having to spend a lot of time finding related content.

In short, guest posting should be an important portion of your link building strategies if you want your links to stick and be of any importance to your rankings, but you can of course always do it the old fashioned way by contacting all webmasters manually and see if you are lucky enough to be allowed to publish on their blogs!