Long Tail Graph

By now the term "long tail" has made its way into the public vocabulary. Content writers use long tail keyword research and SEO research and Internet based retailers have also attempted to capitalize on the long tail business model with varying degrees of success. The biggest success has probably been Amazon.com. Without brick and mortar stores to worry about, Amazon can warehouse more and varied stock than any traditional book or music store. The same long tail practice works well with Info Barrel articles and you can easily leverage the long tail concept to work for you in your daily writings and keyword research.

What is long tail?

The long tail concept is a way to capitalize on sales of low demand, less popular items. Sell enough of these and the amounts will equal the hot product of the moment that everyone is competing to sell. Imagine the hot new video game is just out. Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and others are all competing for the sale. Sure many will be sold, but price wars and distribution problems can make this a low profit item. A book on microcantilevers will only sell a few times a year, but if you are the only source the profit is good.

The idea and methodology behind the long tail is well worth learning about. Chris Anderson spins a remarkable story in his well written book "The Long Tail". He demonstrates the practical application and results of some early long tail adopters.

Info Barrel and long tail articles

As you write each day or week trying to optimize your search engine results by using heavily trafficked keywords, it is a good idea to not forget the niche market. If you can dedicate just one out of every ten or twenty articles to something more obscure, it can only help you in the long run. First, it will cause more people to come to Info Barrel that may not be using the site. This can help them find your other more general content and help Info Barrel gain a reputation for having a wide variety of information available. Either way, your article traffic could increase. Second, by generating niche articles you will reach readers who must genuinely be interested in the topic. If there is not much available on a certain topic and you present good information then you stand a much better chance or seeing them click through one of your Adsense ads and create revenue for you. On long articles for a chosen keyword, be sure to include some long tail phrases that might snag some additional traffic. The more traffic the greater the likelihood that someone will take advantage of an ad and create revenue for you.

There are literally thousands or tens of thousands of articles written on certain popular topics and keywords, so you must either write them better or link to them smarter and much more often. Don't forget, though, the benefit of adding the occasional odd topic to round out your catalog and, hopefully, add to your earnings. The old saying goes that a rising tide raises all boats. If all writers can dedicate themselves to filling the pool with valuable information then everyone can benefit. The great thing about long tail keywords and adsense is there are enough niche markets for everyone to take advantage and produce some really cherry articles that will provide a continued revenue stream. Spend some time doing keyword research. Tools like Market Samurai make it easy to find the high paying long tail keywords you need to be successful. Try your free trial of Market Samurai and put the power of the long tail keyword to work for you!